Audio Books Hate it or Love it

listener_new_rectHate it or Love it

I have recently, for about three months started listening to audio books. Before I was a part of the yuck group of readers! I did not want someone reading to me or shaping the way I hear or see the characters. But you know what, when we were younger we were read too, not that I want my first grade teacher Mrs. Washington reading romance to me (double yuck, I need a break to clear my mind).

I have come to enjoy audio books, they help work go by faster and I get through my hellish commute without blowing my horn because I am just vibing to my book and waiting for the plot to unfold.

Now when I first started I rented an audio book from my library and it sucked! It sounded like my computer was reading to me, so I am assuming this was the first audio book ever made (lol, glad it was a loan). But I forged on and did a free trial with an audio book seller (Audible, I love their customer service by the way) going with one of my most trusted to deliver authors Christine Warren. The hero had a Latin accent so I wanted to see how well this would be delivered, true test time. Well I was sold, I loved it and I bought more when they popped up on sale. I even have favorite narrators now. So yay me I can almost pretend to know what I am talking about. I should be posting some audio reviews soon, unfortunately there were still some misses, but not because it was an audio book, it just wasn’t a great book.

Some of the cons I have noticed with romance is the search capabilities for example, I wanted a multicultural romance and other than scrolling through all their listed titles or just putting in authors names it was a no go. Although customer service did check their list and send me a list of romances with multicultural characters, it was a very short list but hey they tried. I am running into the same thing when I want a scifi romance or something other than contemporary or erotic romance. If they would fix that everything would be great for me.

Books I have listened to so far:


Feral Sins Paranormal Romance Suzanne Wright
Laid Bare  Erotic Romance (ménage) Lauren Dane
Bared to You (Crossfire Series) Erotic Romance Sylvia Day
Reflected in You (Crossfire Series) Erotic Romance Sylvia Day
She Did a Bad, Bad Thing Category Romance Stephanie Bond
Wicked Weekend, Erotic Romance Gillian Archer
Heart of Darkness Paranormal Romance Gena Showalter, Maggie Shayne and Susan Kinard
In Bed with a Highlander Historical Romance Maya Banks
True Love and Other Disasters Contemporary Romance Rachel Gibson
Drive Me Wild Paranormal Romance Christine Warren


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  1. Although I don’t get the opportunity to listen to them, I like audio books. I remember taking long drives with my aunt (who is the biggest book lover on the planet) and listening to audio books. They were wonderful memories.


    • Hey Nana,
      I did forget about the books on the radio. My dad still tunes every Tuesday to listen to whatever book the person on the show is reading. I am not that patient. It is cool you have that memory with your aunt it is nice how sounds, smells and taste can bring up some great memories.


  2. I luv audio books in general, that is when I’m not driving. Which means I tried them to help keep me entertained on long drives or during rush hour. I had to stop! I got so involved in the book it was keeping me from paying attention. :-). Not good! LOL

    Back then not a lot of my fav authors were on audio tape. It was slim pickings. I see now that quite a few more authors are going that route. It’s wonderful to see!

    Audio books are great when traveling. I would also challenge the e-reader industry and the audio industry to work together to create audio books for the e-readers much the same as e-books. Since I haven’t research this it may already be in place. If so awesome! We could listen or read as the whim strikes right on our e-readers.

    Great to know the audio book industry is breaking out! I look forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing!

    belgre AT comcast DOT net


    • Hey Belinda,
      That is too funny but I can see that happening. There have been a time or two that I have arrived at my destination and have sat in the car because the audio book was at a great part.

      As far as the kindle reading to you for example I think they have that available on the newer ones but I am not sure since I do not own one but sounds like a robot. I know with audible they have some deal with Amazon because if you buy the audio book and the digital book all of them sync…But I am not made of money so I am not sure who that would appeal to because you are buying the same book twice.

      If you spot a good audio book let me know cause that search criteria can be tough.


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