Rubenesque Rapture (The Endurers Book 1), Rose Wynters

Rubenesque Rapture Button 300 x 225Rubenesque Rapture (The Endurers Book 1), Rose Wynters

Book Description (provided):

From author Rose Wynters comes an erotic new paranormal series featuring the Endurers.

The world is on the very brink of Armageddon.

Can these immortal warriors fight the demons infiltrating our world while saving their soul mates?

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Ok people, the heroine is actually rubenesque and not the size 10 or 12 maybe a 14 we commonly read about when authors go curvy. I refer to them as the fashion world definition of plus size (FWD). This heroine was a size 24 which was extremely refreshing. Anna Andrews is special and she does not begin to find out just how much until after she meets Enforcer Shayne McLoughlin. There was a lot of action in the story and some lag when the two were getting to know each other once they arrived at Shayne’s home. We are basically in a world where Demons want to take over earth led by the, yes THE fallen angel who rules Hell, Anna will play a big part according to the leader of the enforcers which might happen later on in the series just not in this book. The plot is interesting and there are some wonderful places this series can go. Religion is mentioned in Rubenesque Rapture as part of the world, for instance sacred ground and crosses causing demons physical pain but it was all safe stuff nothing to be offended by. This was a good read. Some of you may find this book reminds you or at least the premise reminds you of a popular series but I won’t say who. Bottom line I would read book two.

Note: I do not think the book description did the title justice, check out the 1 minute book trailer.

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