The Seduction Hypothesis, Delphine Dryden (Guest Post: the ideal geek hero/Review)

DDThe Seduction Hypothesis (Science of Temptation), Delphine Dryden

Lindsey is stuck attending a fan convention with her now ex-boyfriend Ben. Lindsey still thinks Ben is hot but he does not bring the heat she needs, the heat to her bottom to be exact. Lindsey and Ben broke up due to Ben’s ego and doubts about meeting Lindsey’s need especially after seeing her attraction to a mutual friend (who is a Geek/Dom).

Ben decides he wants to learn to fulfill all of Lindsey’s needs and in the process finds himself enjoying his role as Dom and discovering more about what he wants and needs.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I am a sucker for an assertive geek, I try to describe this feature to my friends and they do not get it. From now on I am just going to hand them a book in the Science of Temptation series so they will understand what I am talking about. Lindsey discovered she wants to be a submissive after having a Dom voice used on her. She finds herself wanting to know more and more about this potential side of herself only to be rebuffed by her boyfriend Ben. Now that Ben is man enough to realize that the lifestyle is what he wants as well, he now has to prove he is alpha enough to handle and seduce his way back to being Lindsey’s man.

So we get a hot Geek who discovers he has some Dom tendencies who uses his wits to learn the lifestyle and win his girl back. Cute, funny read with some intense XXX scenes, which you will love.

the-theory-of-attractionBook one  (review): The Theory of Attraction Here

Guest Post, Delphine Dryden

Roll for Initiative! Building The Ideal Geek Hero

Writing a romance hero can be hard, especially if he doesn’t fit into any of the traditional molds. People tend to put their own spin on characters anyway, and a lot of people seem to revert to the “typical hero” default values for any attribute not specified (I cracked up reading a review of The Seduction Hypothesis the other day in which somebody described the MCs as “Hottie McHottersons.” This was news to me, as in my mind the hero vaguely resembled Michael Cera, and the heroine resembled Felicia Day — who, while hot, is not at all the “McHotterson” type).

Although writer character sheets exist, they tend to focus on things like the character’s habits, favorite song, feelingsabout stuff. For the next book, I thought, there must be a better way. A way to make the hero’s attributes clearer. Then while I was watching Tabletop, it came to me. All we really need to know about the hero are his stats!* With that in mind, I set about building the ideal geek Dom romance hero.

These are basic, generic stats only…and to keep things simple I’ll just talk relative merits instead of breaking out the dice and actually rolling. In order of increasing importance:

STRENGTH. Handy in a hero, but honestly not that important. True, it’s great if the hero can lift and hold the heroine’s body weight (determined by a combat roll…or a sex roll?). But that’s what beds are for. Or the floor. Or the wall. Or that St. Andrew’s cross over there.  Strength is the dump stat, is what I’m saying.

CONSTITUTION/STAMINA. For obvious reasons, you want your geek healthy and able to go the distance. This is a baseline consideration for any hero, though, and isn’t nearly as important as, say, dexterity (it’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it).

DEXTERITY/AGILITY. Or, as Felicia Day might say, “Sexterity.” This is an important stat for a kinky geek hero, because he needs to be able to move his hips, and also tie knots quickly and capably. The hero doesn’t need to max this out, but it should be a good solid attribute. This could be a good stat to buff with gear.

CHARISMA/CUNNING. Your kinky geek Dom hero must be able to persuade the sub heroine to do filthy things. Filthy, filthy things. And like them. Charisma and/or cunning helps with that (In no way should anyone take this to mean that I approve of a rogue as a Dom archetype. Because rogues suck. /druid). But note this isn’t in the top two, and physical attractiveness isn’t as important here as personal magnetism (see: hero who resembles Michael Cera).

INTELLIGENCE/INTELLECT. One of two critical stats for a kinky, geeky, Dominant hero. You want him to know his stuff, for one thing. But you also need him to be a quick learner, and equally quick to apply that knowledge to new situations as it’s called for.

WISDOM/SPIRIT. This is the thing a geeky Dom (or any Dom, arguably) needs most. Judgment. Mental endurance. Intuition in the moment. And the ability to not only, um…”cast a lot of spells” in one day, but also have fast…mana regeneration. Yes. Mana regeneration.

Or…we could min-max? Discuss.

[*The Tabletop episode in question was Dragon Age, but I also draw on stat characteristics from various D&D versions and World of Warcraft for this analysis.]

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  1. Every geek hero should also come equiped with a bag of holding 😉


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