Hearts of Ishira, Bethan Aan (Review)

HeartsHearts of Ishira, Bethan Aan

Arianna and a few other females wake up on a strange dangerous planet. Arianna along with the women transported with her now have to rely on the Thorsani warriors to help them survive their new planet. Utilizing psychic communication Arianna is the primary means of communication between the earth females and Thorsani males.

Arianna finds herself mated to the leader Hunter and his brother Jace. The couple’s struggle with miscommunication and cultural differences along with new arrivals that shake up all the couples new found dynamics.

Bookswagger Marcia: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read. I discovered this book on a blog and I was so excited the review rang true, I loved it. Arianna and the other earth females are stranded with no hope of returning to earth with a group of males who have not had female companionship since they were also stranded on the planet. So you are thinking bong fest right? Well not so, this book is a fully plotted story of two different species on a new world, that yes bond in pairs finding love in each other. I enjoyed seeing the new roles the earth women took on and how the men adapted to them.

So in short yes it is a ménage but more about the world, building a life then the heroine being tied to the bed (although we get some of that, I mean this is romance). I want more.

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