Alpha Marked Series by Celia Kyle (Review)


So I have been bad, this was supposed to be posted yesterday and I did not do as I was supposed to. I am spanking myself because I was truly looking forward to Alpha Marked, Gabriella by Celia Kyle. I found the first book in the series Scarlett during a blog tour and had to get that bad boy right away so when this one came out I was on it! So here is my take on the Alpha Marked Series.

The Alpha Marked series follows three sisters who carry the alpha mark which means they will have to mate with two alphas called alpha pairs (yummy right). When they come of age, good ole 30 they must attend a gathering where they will be sniffed by alpha pairs, think speed dating in a four star hotel they cannot escape until after they are mated. The series follow the Wickham triplets as they are matched with their alpha pairs.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I love the series so far!

ScarlettScarlett (Book One)In book one we meet the triplets starting with the oldest Scarlett. This curvy woman believes in keeping the peace but when she meets the ruling alphas, her mates she forgets about getting along for the sake of getting along and falls heavy. There is a battle and some heavy petting which all lead to this curvy alpha marked mate getting married. I loved how this shorty gave me so much to get excited about, The sisters are funny and the alphas hot. GabriellaGabriella (Book Two)The second book is about Gabriella the feisty one. She is matched to a pair of alphas who have not claimed their alpha status, which leads to confusion, hurt and challenges from other she wolves. Gabriella takes everything with a huge dose of humor which I enjoyed. One scene made me laugh so hard my eyes watered. I mean who would have thought P90X would be the dvd to utilize to learn how to survive a challenge. ck_whitney_200Whitney (Book Three) Whitney does not have her story yet but I am looking forward to it. She does not have the alpha mark but was called to the gathering as well. I have a feeling she is going to be matched with the stoic Wardens though, so start reading to get ready for this one. Although they can be read as standalone you might as well check them all out.Release Date: September

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