Warrior’s Moon (A Children of the Moon Novel 5), Lucy Monroe (Review)

moonWarrior’s Moon, Lucy Monroe

Shona is human and her mate a wolf, who turned away from her because she did not have a wolf. Now she is a widow running from her stepson back to her highland relatives. Before she can make it back to her family she is faced with Caelis, her mate who let her go for being human at their Lairds demand. Now things have changed, he expects to claim her and his children as if he never threw their bond away.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger.I am a huge fan of this series but book one remains king, although this one was pretty good. Shona is now a widow, her wicked Baron dead and who should she run into on Sinclair land but her mate Caelis. Right! I loved it, we all love it, that is why we read romance. Caelis is arrogant and just expects her to still admit her love for him. After all she is a peace-loving feisty lass just like he remembers. Not.  She is a mother who has had her heart-broken and she acts like it. Shona does bend but she gives him what for as well. Her children provided some laughs, I admit I enjoyed them because sometimes I groan when I see kids in books, but this one was done well.

Straight to the Swagger: Warrior’s Moon can be read as standalone, book one still my fav, the saga continues for the Chrechte (the shifters) but not between Shona and Caelis, they get their HEA, Caelis bounces back from his dark deeds in the previous books.

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  1. I do hope she makes him suffer, though. When heroes done the heroine wrong (except cheating which I can *never* forgive) they should have to crawl on their bellies in the mud to earn forgiveness. Just sayin’ *g*




    • I know you can not bounce back from the cheating. She does make him do the crawl and there are a few points where your not sure how much groveling she is going to make him do. But call me a hard case I think he could have done more but I always do lol.


  2. Oh I haven’t read her yet but it sounds so good and like a good bit of drama which is always fun. Really glad to hear she writes children well. That’s really hard to find! Thanks for the heads up on this one I’m off to add it to my shopping list 🙂

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