Author Websites and Blogs: Irked Me

Websites irked me.

I have just one question. Why would your website not be mobile ready? Make that two questions. Why would your website require me to complete a captcha, one not possible to complete on a mobile phone?

I want to visit your page, something you said or posted wheeled me in, then you made it hard for me to participate.

captcha_bannerI am new at creating content for a blog and I am trying to run Bookswagger without working too many readers nerves, but dag I just visited so many blogs and author pages this weekend, looking to update my TBR pile, that were not mobile ready. I probably won’t be doing that for a while. I had to take a social media break because I was really becoming irritated.

Am I the only one who is noticing this problem?

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  1. It’s annoying, even when you are on the site with a PC. Plus they like to make it so you can barely read it, so sometimes you have to do it two or three times.


    • I understand the thought behind it I really do but I think they do more harm than help because anyone wanting to mess up your site or say something crazy will find you. But with this you are blocking those who want to get to know you. But oh well lol.


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