Love Technically, Lynne Silver (Review) About that Geek Love

Love TechLove Technically, Lynne Silver

Michelle is determined to make it in the city, away from her small town and smothering mother. Learning she is about to lose her new job is not conducive to her city life plan. To top it off the hot geek who is helping her learn a new skill, to obtain a new job within the company, is non-other than the man who is responsible for her losing her job.

Sark does not date, he would rather be writing code and after making billions he found out pretty quickly how much more people appreciate his money, than him as a person. In Michelle he has found someone he can be himself with, she knows him simply as Sark, not CEO Noah “Sark” Frellish.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read.  This was a sweet read, you just need to believe in hot billionaires who like to help fix printers, a cute meet for Sark and Michelle.  This was an easy read, I am sure you can guess what the black moment was but that’s okay, it was worth getting there. We were able to see Michelle gain confidence in herself and her decision to move to the city, while Sark opened up and discovered his new path. I am a sucker for office romance tropes and come on,  most of us started with those Harlequins, we are used to this!

Straight to the Swagger: With Love Technically you get a billionaire, mistaken identity, hot geek, small town girl conquers city and city Bitch.

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  1. Looks cool! I love a hot guy in glasses!:-)


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