My Authors After Dark Savannah (experience)

My Authors After Dark Savannah (experience)

 AADSAV was my first conference, I have been to events in my community but nothing on the scale of AAD. I am so happy I went and still have my post conference glow, even though my phone was forever lost on the last day (I almost made it). I met some wonderful readers, bloggers (some even in my backyard) and authors.

I do not have a lot of pictures since my phone is gone, but I do have the ones I tweeted!


Me and MJ. This was like the third take. I have eyes they just tend to not stay open when I am laughing.

So let’s start with the bad: Attitude of course, sometime you see people, or interact with people online then when you meet them in person you realize they are better in the virtual world not so much reality.

The great:  the readers I met. I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people from all over the US who share my disease. I attended the conference alone, although my sister rode down with me to visit friends in the area and I can say I felt welcomed 99.9 percent of the time. Everyone was easy to talk to and very welcoming. I learned some things about the industry and what conferences I need to add to my must attend list like RomantiCon. Some of the nicest authors and craziest which I enjoyed include:Annabel Joseph, Ann Mayburn, Yvette Hines, MJ DavidsonBoone BruxSaranna DeWyldeCherise SinclairDianna LoveHeather Long and Kate Douglas


Me and Cherise Sinclair. Who knew such a sweet lady could write such naughty goodness. Not at all what I expected.

I would recommend this conference to anyone who has never attended before or is scared to go it alone. I am already claiming I will be attending AAD Charlotte so if you are a newbie like I was look me up I promise to be a friendly face!


BDSM for the Healthy Mind Panel


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  1. Marcia,

    Thank you for the insight into the AAD conference! If or when I ever attend it’s good to know where to begin. I’m hearing great things about the conference. I’m looking forward to experiencing the conference through all the pictures posted by the authors who attended. It seems like a lot of fun was had by all. Thank you for sharing!

    Belinda G


    • Your are welcome, I hope you make it one year or at least a year it is close to you. I have some swag I need to giveaway hopefully I will get to that soon cause I have not even unpacked yet feeling real lazy lol. But if you decide Charlotte is your year let me know we can def hang out and dish books and all the craziness.


  2. Marcia,

    I’m so sorry about your phone! But I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and I thought Savannah was a blast. AAD heads the list of my favorite experiences, even when I’m tired I have fun with the readers and other attendees!


    • Thanks, I tell myself better my phone than my purse. I enjoyed meeting you as well, loved your sense of humor so I we get to see each other again. The readers were great, I like being around people who understand reading makes me giddy lol.


  3. It was super nice to meet you (briefly) at AAD! I ended up sick and hiding part of the time, but this year was still a lot of fun. Hopefully I was not one of the “bads” LOL EEEKK I really have no filter in person!!


    • Lol no, I figured you would be busy lol. Sorry about you being sick that had to suck hope you still got some fun out of the trip. You were working those costumes.


      • Thank you! I did have a blast even being sick! I cannot attend next year, but hopefully we can meet up at some of the other cons! I am going to Readers & Ritas here in Dallas in November. It is a small con and much more laid back. I probably won’t be sporting any costumes, but you never know! =)


      • Take pics. You’ll have a lot of cons in TX, I need some of that this way.


  4. Yay! I’m glad you had a good time at our little con. I’ve been a staff volunteer for 3 years now, I was an attendee before that, and can tell you that sadly I too have had those same ‘bad’ experiences. More so with the occasional author than the readers. But thankfully the good experiences have outweighed the bad ones. I hope to see you enjoying your second year at AAD in 2014!


    • Exactly, the good far out weighs the bad and there was a lot going on and I love that the con was small enough for me to connect and meet new peole. You’ll do a great job. I mean I am still giddy. I cannot wait until next year, even though I am sure your tired with all the work you had to do so I am wishing you plenty of rest.


  5. Yea! It was wonderful to meet you. I hope we can chat more next time. I love the small feel and relaxed atmosphere of AAD. This was my 3rd year. I plan to attend again next year as well!


    • Cool then we will see each other in Charlotte. I enjoyed meeting you as well, like I said the pod cast I heard you on was one of the reasons I decided to come and thanks for being so weloming. I said it before but it goes a long way! See you next year.


  6. Oh I so wish I’d been able to go. last minute I had to cancel my plans. I’m glad you had a good time. I am so darn jealous you got to meet Cherise! She’s one of my favorites 🙂 My first book event was Lori Foster’s up in Ohio and it was really a great one and so darn affordable. it’s only like 50 bucks and they do an amazing job with it. I live in NC and will so be going to AAD next year.


    • Ya, I live in NC too. Where are you I am in Greensboro. I hope you do go to AAD Charlotte we will have to meet up. I have heard good things about Lori but the one I am adding to my list is RomantiCon. I wish I could go this year but I will be pratical and wait till 2014 (insufficent funds). But ya your doing Charlotte we will have fun.


      • Oh wow you’re pretty close. I’m right outside of Raleigh in Cary. Haven’t looked into Romanticon. will have to check that one out. There are just so many good ones. Wish I could hit them all 🙂


      • Yes I know last year I went to one that way sponsored by the Durham Library called Fall Into Romance, it was great but not sure if they are doing it again this year. I know in Winston they have the bookmarks festival that is how I met Sherrilyn Kenyon this year I think the big romance author is Debbie Macomber


      • Ah yeah i was thinking about the winston one. I met Charlaine Harris through them last year. If you ever get out this way for one let me know 🙂 Always fun to meet up with other bloggers at them.


      • Ok cool I sure will I was suprised by how many people I met from NC. I will hit you up when I am out that way so we can dish lol. Have a good day.


  7. That is so cool you had a great time. I did “see” you…I recognize your shirt in the picture above, but so sorry I did not get to meet you. Sucks you lost your phone : (


    • I know right, I should have another one today I hope. I know I just heard your name while I was there, but with so many people to talk to it is easy to lose each other. I have a blast though and I hope you did to! Hopefully we shall see each other in Charlotte!


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