Multicultural Mondays: Why do we hate those White Female/Black Male Covers (read it before you hate)

I am a romance book lover hence the blog. I do have love for genres who receive less love than the popular subgenres ie…paranormal and contemporary romance. I still heart them but I would like to feature more multicultural romances for example. So I want to start Multicultural Mondays. Now for the first few months you might still see other titles featured that are not multicultural because I have to honor books I have already slated to review that fall on Mondays. To start off my first Multicultural Monday I want to talk about an issue that was discussed in a panel I attended while at AAD.

Corporate Merger by Elisabeth Roseland

She gets two alright, thats what I am talking about.

The issue is not new I have noticed it but when one of the authors specifically mentioned it happening to one of her titles it validated what I had been noticing. Titles with a WM and BW sale way better than titles with a BM and WF meaning people are not so keen on the black male, white female titles. Which I find interesting, I am a researcher at heart and this makes me wonder a few things like:

  • Who are reading interracial romances?
  • If minorities are the only ones or the majority of interracial/multicultural romance readers why would they not read bm/wf since we are used to reading romances without people of color in them. I mean if you have been reading this genre for a while there just were not many options, not counting the Ravaged by the Apache, Seduced by the triple zillionaire Brazilian titles of course.
Marine With Benefits by Heather Long

What we expect in IR

Accepting the DragonI have read BM/WF but I can also admit I have been guilty of scrolling past a book when I see a BM/WF cover, typically in contemporary titles I just do not want to read about the racial issues (because there are so few of them I just expect it to crop up) but then I am judging a book by its cover. I would like to think I have grown and now I tend to read a description before I look at the cover but in my SFR/PNR it just never mattered go figure. I guess an alien is an alien and a wolf a wolf. So here’s to love across all colorlines and species! Lol.

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  1. Hmm interesting. It really doesn’t make too much of a difference for me. If i was choosing though I’d go for the the black male/white female on the cover first probably b/c I could relate to that one easier being a wf. idk. I’d like to see the actual research on this and the covers they’re talking about. Of the ones shown I’d go for corporate merger not because of the models but because it doesn’t look so self pubbed and has a more complete feel to it.


    • It is all based on everyones personal perspective but she did say her book tanked and it is something I know other readers have voiced in bookclubs and events I have attended. I do not take it personal because when reading something you enjoy and paying for you should buy what you like no matter what but I just wonder why we do what we do lol. I would prob go for the three guys just cause I am really digging menage at this point.


  2. I can see how minority readers (if they are the demographic reading interracial books) would skip over a BM/WF cover. So many of our black men pass us over for white women. We see it all the time in life. It’s not a romantic concept, so we don’t want to read about it. The BF/WM happens less frequently, so it’s more like a fantasy to us. A what if?

    I enjoyed this post very much. Great job on the title, hooked me right in.


    • Thanks! I read them and it is something I see so I want to gain other reader’s opinions about it. I mean its all love so I wanted to just see where everyone else is coming from. I know a lot of readers who won’t touch it and then I have some girlfriends who are white and date black men so they are happy someone is writing them in a role they prefer if that makes sense. I am not a writer so I just assume you see a character and you role with it and as a writer you are going to just write what you like. I am just happy we have so many options now so we can have this discussion but you are right the book sales or lack of sales might just be a reflection of society and this is an issue people still feel some type of way about.


  3. I think this is a great idea. I have definitely noticed how in a lot of literature in general people of color are underrepresented. I have not seen a lot of interracial couples on book covers though…maybe because I don’t really read PNR/Romance in the first place? Either way, AWESOME new feature.


    • Ya it is something I look for being who I am lol. Thanks sometimes I think we read so much we miss talking about some good books we really want to talk about bc there are so many this is a way to hold my feet to the fire so to speak.


  4. I read so many different categories of romance. The colours of the people on the covers of books really don’t matter to me. If the cover design is attractive enough then I’m more likely to read the blurb and check out the story.

    But that’s just me, I guess. 🙂


    • As it should not but covers either grab us or not and sometimes a unique cover of a curvy woman, or like the one that recently grabbed me one of a derby girl with tats and skates with the cute retro look its all about what catches your eye or that might just be my degree in motorsports talking.


  5. Interesting topic. To be honest, I really don’t look at the cover of a book b/c I buy most books from authors I already read and don’t care about the covers OR I get an electronic review copy w/out a cover.

    I don’t set out to purposefully read a book with an interracial couple, but I have read some. Since I primarily ONLY read PNR and UF, race doesn’t usually play a factor – unless we are talking about the race of the creature – there have been big deals made about humans mixing with shifters, vamps and wolves, etc. LOL.

    One thing that does bug me is when the model/s on the cover of a book do not represent the characters in the book. While it can be something minor like the color of the hair being different, I have seen it when a PNR book with feature a black male but the cover has a white male. This is very bothersome, but that is an entirely different topic!

    Great new feature! Thanks!


    • Ya if I am going by a request I read the blurb first but if I am scrolling to buy I do sometimes look specifically for IR/Multi but I like a lot of stuff and when I am in a mood I am in a mood. I do hate it when the covers do not match the read but it is not as bad as it used to be.

      OMG I love my creatures to intermingle but for some reason when its vamp on wolf or human I like my weaker or most likely to die first creature to be the woman go figure maybe thats why I like alpha males so much.


  6. Thank you everyone for stopping by! I have been reading romance the hard Harlequin (hehe) since middle school and discovered my first multi/romance in my 20s. I love all romance and do not want anyone to think I am trying to take anything away from any subgenre I just remember how happy I was to read about someone with coca skin and dark coarse hair it was nice, not that it was a direct representation of me but closer than what I had been enjoying and loving! I love my romance, love, love it, if I did not get to read anything else until I died I could go out happy.


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