Multicultural Monday: My First Serial (not sure how I feel)

Their EX,sMulticultural Monday: My First Serial (not sure how I feel)

I have discussed the serial with other readers, bloggers and seen some posts regarding this concept and like everything we can take more than a few sides of the serial point of view. My first serial was Their EX’s (Redrock One) by Shirl Anders.

I am rating this Crownless (which is not a bad review but I have to be honest I did not finish the entire serial series so I think the proper blogger etiquette is for me to let you’ll know). I will focus on book one in the serial.

Bookswagger Marcia: Crownless, unable to finish. I enjoyed the concept two spouse meet while they are both in the process of confirming their suspicions that yes their spouses are indeed cheating on them. Tess Navarro meets Vincent Whitehorse in the rain in an interesting scene, very descriptive, has a lifetime movie I am going to shoot that cheating ex of mine quality to it, so I was very excited. Whitehorse can care less at this point about his cheating wife but he has to keep things on the hush, hush until he can safely remove her from the board of his charity, which leads to him and Tess spending more time together. There are a few questionable consent scenes and I am not a reading prude, one where the couple fall into bed together day one after Tess gets drunk so I was kinda like I don’t know but then Whitehorse is also considerate so there were a lot of contrasts within the first serial. I would need to read more and I can see myself reading further if Anders ever released this as a bundle, her story brought to mind those early Diana Palmer reads.

Straight to the Swagger: I would read on, our couple do not interact with the exs in book one and some of the XXX scenes are closed door, interesting concept for sure.

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  1. Intriguing! So it was the concept of the story that you didn’t like? Not because of grammar or punctuation? The review is crownless, but not a bad review. I like that. I might have to check it out for myself.


    • Yes, i really did like the concept, plot or whatever the technical term for it. I like the idea of two exs whose spouse are cheating getting together and finding love. Book one ended and I did not read book two, three or four in the series so I did not feel it was fair to rate. To be frank I just could not see myself paying .99 and then 2.99 for 46 to 36 pages but if she were to ever do this in one book I would be a buyer cause I do want to know how Tess and Whitehorse ended up.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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