A Table for Three, Lainey Reese (audio review)

threeA Table for Three, Lainey Reese

My first audio book review (I think)…I have talked about how I am new, new to audio books and how they are saving lives during my horrendous commute. Well I have found the book, my I loved it audio book is A Table for Three by Lainey Reese.

Riley Ramirez is new to New York City and plans to experience the exciting city, even on her first night after working and saving to make the move to the city. On her first night she finds herself in one of those clubs, thanks to the helpful cabbie and meets owner Cade.

Cade could she see she was too innocent for his club when he first spotted her and planned to take his bouncers head off for allowing her entry. He did not expect the little innocent to take so quickly to his demands, allowing him to see the submissive in her immediately. He knows she is just what he and his best friend Trevor have been looking for.

Bookswagger Marcia: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read. I will admit some of the items took place a little fast, but it worked for this story. Like the innocent Riley going all the way with the guy she just met in the club, at a table covered by a privacy screen, when she is a fresh face country girl, new to the city. But it was with Cade, half of her HEA. So it was okay and the author saved it by having her questioning herself regarding her quick fall for Cade and Trevor. With A Table For Three, we get a fully developed, two times the modern alpha male and a heroine we can like.

If you are still unsure, this is a ménage, a BDSM ménage, in audio, narrated by Christian Fox, I mean yum. I was all like, I do not want some man reading to me and I have been avoiding these because I just thought it would be weird to hear a guy do a female voice, but girl bye….Loved it.

Straight to the Swagger: Two hot rich guys one more alpha than the other, introducing spunky heroine to the lifestyle and how to let to super rich guys take control (so hard I know). I am currently riding home with book two.

disclaimer: Audible did give me two credits to review a book or their service, but if you read me I have talked about them before and just to be 100% right, I did give the credits away via audio downloads to two hop winners. So check it out, plus one rep made me care about her when she sent me a list of multicultural and sci-fi romances because I was having a hard time finding some.

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