Rescuing Mattie (Lords of Kassis Book 3.1), SE Smith (Review)

seRescuing Mattie (Lords of Kassis Book 3.1), SE Smith 

Mattie Abrams has finally found the family she desires, with her friends in the circus, family beyond her pets. When Cirque de Magik decides to take their act into space, becoming the circus of the stars she does not get beyond the spaceship before she is dealing with intergalactic mischief. Luckily she has her animals and her new found mate Jai t’Dubar who believes in forever standing between her and a band of space pirates.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns,swagger jacked, decent read. Cute short read, you get a lot of action in this one, Mattie and Jai t’Dubar meet, make eyes, and his I must mate imperative kicks in, of course the pirates start making trouble so they are not able to do much about their desire.I have read the other books in the series and you can jump in without reading the rest.The couple did get to know each other while Jai t’Dubar took care of Mattie after the pirate attack so no wham bam thank you m’am, the bam came later.

Straight to the Swagger:  This is a short story but you still get a sci-fi adventure, action and romance with a heroine who has animals who know how to get you out of a tight spot and a hero who will and can woe you after you have been hurt.

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  1. Nice. Will check it out.


    • Lol, will def get you through a bus ride or a quick flight, I know lately I have been looking for books I can read that I can finish when traveling so cause I am one of those people if I get to involved I will hear nothing and I am scared I will miss my flight or exit!


  2. LOL it sounds like quite the entertaining read. Thanks for the heads up 🙂


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