Eternal Echoes (Sisters of the Divine, 1), Anastasia Virgas (Review)

AVEternal Echoes (Sisters of the Divine, 1), Anastasia Virgas

Teagan Moss is known for her diplomacy although it is apparent someone is not happy with her, after all she is thrown into the waters of Italy with a Hydro bomb strapped to her body. She is saved by Ariston Dago, sentry for his people’s territory. Ariston realizes quickly Teagan is his mate and all his parts agree, although her crazy family of nationalists, and a few Gods would like to see them fail he recognizes their futures are tied together and they will work together to solve the mystery of who wants her dead.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. Eternal Echoes is the start of a creative world, you could really tell the author made a conscious effort to not dump her world on us at one time (although I really liked her world and beings and wanted more, more). The world as we now know it has changed. We now have humans living among descendents of Gods/Goddesses and other beings but it is more normal than paranormal romance if that makes sense. Basically if such creations existed and we where in a world were humans messed up then I could see it going down like it did in External Echoes and I am going to go ahead and blame it on cough, cough the BLANK party. I did have a problem connecting with Teagan although I did like her but that was my issue which was why this was not a fiver for me, the world was more interesting than Tea and Ari’s story as well as the history( can you tell yet, I liked this world). This series is in a new world order so to speak, I cannot wait for Teas sisters’ story she seems like a real firecracker and a fun read.

Straight to the Swagger: This is not one I was able to get lost in. Although I did enjoy it, this is a series I can see myself following, I liked the world more than the main characters but I do think that will change in book two because I was already excited every time I saw Teagan’s sister. So check it out, I think post apocalyptic readers will enjoy this world, it is different in a good realistic way.

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