Alien Abduction (Captured by Aliens, 2), Jaide Fox (Review)

AAAlien Abduction (Captured by Aliens, 2), Jaide Fox

Ebony Raines, her sister Adrienne and a group of earth females are abducted by males from an alien planet without females. Ebony was not lucky enough to find love like her sister and is forced into King Kore Anadaru’s harem, her only comfort the fact she is close to her sister and unborn niece or nephew.

Ebony along with a few other women from the harem are kidnapped from the King by his twin brother Fallon, the true ruler of Chalcydon. Ebony expected another prison instead she is surprised to discover her true reason for being kidnapped. She falls for her captor and his second Damon. Unlike King Kore, Fallon and Damon want her heart, they truly desire the chance to love and care for her.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. This is book two in the series and it is not a biggie, you can really read this as standalone, you just will not read about the actual kidnapping or how they were processed to the planet so to speak, although you do get the back-story. This story was pretty decent, I liked where the author tried to take it and her voice. Ebony was a realistic character, I mean yes she was forced for a long time to be with someone she did not like but she did what she had to do, me personally I do not like stuff like that in my reads or at least not for prolonged periods but I am assuming she was using it to reflect the characters strength especially in contrast to her sister and the other earth women, but if you did not read book one it just felt like, why, why include it.

The women all get their happy ending thank ____ (fill in what you like).

Straight to the swagger: Ebony, Fallon and Damon meet, they traipse through the woods, he takes her to his hideout where he and his men have created their own little community. The women become a part of their community but I swear most of the time was spent by Ebony asking question about everything.

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  1. I’m just fascinated by that cover… I can’t stop staring, trying to figure out what all is there! LOL


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