A Personal Matter, Karyn Langhorne (Review)

APMToday I want to talk about one of my favorite multicultural romances, although it is not in digital (yet). I found this back in the day of walking the aisles of my local B&N in hopes of finding a good book and/or new author to fall in love with.

A Personal Matter, Karyn Langhorne

Alayna Jackson has put her dreams on hold to raise her baby sister after her mother’s death. Now her sister is about to head off to college and she can pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer. All she has to do is work for Ben “Ice Man” Richards. The guy no one wants to work for, in short he is an arrogant, intelligent jerk, with gorgeous grey eyes.

Alayna’s little sister throws a wrench in her plans to bundle her off to college, her career at her prestigious law firm of good ole boys is in jeopardy and through it all Ben is there to back her up.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. Alayna and Ben are an interesting couple even though they get their HEA, you just know life for them will be full of sparks. Alayna does not hold her tongue, she is assigned to Ben and tells him what she will and will not do in the beginning, after calling him Ice of course. Ben is also a no-nonsense person and although he is attracted to Alayna he calls her on her bs and racist behavior as well, discrimination goes both ways. Alayna went through a lot of realistic changes in her life and it was nice to see her relationship with Ben develop. I was not sure they would end up together after the handsome brother from Atlanta stepped into the picture. One reason this is a four star instead of a five, is this story is only written form Alayna’s point of view… I would have loved to see a few things from Ben’s point of view.

Straight to the Swagger: Alayna and Ben, are great together. You have confident Ben who is not afraid to call Alayna on her mess. Alayna is a tough cookie and she needed someone who would not let her get away with murder and he did not.

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