Lyon on a Leash, Erosa Knowles

Before 2013 I had never attended a reader event.  I recently attended Wrapped Up: A Corseted Event with Bridget Midway and Yvette Hines and had an amazing time. They were celebrating the release of their Interracial BDSM romances Licorice Whips and Red Hots. As an attendee I met a Mistress and her slave we were presented with a real live peek into some of the things we read about in our favorite BDSM romances.

I traveled with fellow reader and new friend who I had previously met at Authors After Dark, Savannah. Reading is something you do alone but I have found there is joy in taking to the streets and finding others who enjoy reading as much as you do. I have found new authors to read, met authors I have read for years and never even thought about meeting and new friends. People who have helped me enjoy my passion even more than I already do so if you haven’t or you are thinking about attending a 2014 readers event I say go for it. Not all events cost, treat yourself and meet some new friends, friends who share your sickness!

lyonOne book recommended by a fellow attendee was Lyon on a Leash, Erosa Knowles

This story is about Mistress Vera Knight and her alpha submissive Marcus Lyon. Before Lyon on a Leash I had read stories with a  D/s relationship showcasing a female top very rarely simply because I found myself really not liking the male.

Vera knows she is going to buy a slave at the NYC auction she is attending, she has paid money to attend and if it all works out she will be returning to her Atlanta home with her chosen slave. With no experience with lifestyle slaves although she has worked as a paid mistress, a relationship fulltime in the life will be more than a little different.

Marcus was abandoned by his last Mistress and is looking for someone he can trust, someone he can serve and understands his desire and need to serve a Mistress who does not see his desire to take care of her as lacking or less than.

Bookswagger Marcia: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read. Both Vera and Marcus have their trust issues and we understand why without being put to sleep. I am just in awe by how much I liked Marcus, when this story was recommended to me, I was like okay, okay I will read it but even though I have read and liked other books by this author I just did not expect to get into this one because of the female top. I can count on three fingers the female dominant stories I have read and loved and two were by the same author. I learned some new terms, I had never heard of an alpha submissive so that was googleable lol. The chemistry between Marcus and Vera was believable and the chemistry sizzling. I am glad this was not about punishing the guy, this was a romance with BDSM and that’s how I like’em.

Straight to the Swagger: A mistress we can like with a sub we do not feel sorry for and want to commit to the nearest mental health facility which is great, you can really enjoy the romance when you don’t feel sorry for the guy.


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  1. I am so glad you are part of the Color of Love Blog Hop. I love reading your reviews.


  2. not remember right now but thx u for hosting this giveaway 🙂


  3. thanks so much for stopping by my blog & commenting 🙂

    Lyon on a Leash looks really good. I’m going to have to try that one!


  4. Awesome post and review, Marcia. Thanks for joining this hop!


  5. Thanks for being apart of the hop!!


  6. Loving this hop, great prizes, great books and great blogs!!


  7. Love is colorblind. It is also species blind. I love romance books that feature interracial or inter-species couples. Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.


  8. Forgot to leave my email address. 🙂



  9. Great post and contest thank you for the chance to win.


  10. my last read was the first book in the caedmon series


  11. I had never really attended author events until I started blogging as well. It was like a whole new world opened up. Not only did I get to meet authors I loved, but made great friends with other readers and bloggers I met. I’m glad you enjoyed Lyon on a Leash. You always write interested reviews and I liked the fact that it is clear the subject interests you.


    • Thanks I really appreciate that, I tend to want to do everything perfect but I had to realize no one has time for that people just want my take on it, so I have tried to relax and just give the real deal when doing my reviews. Took me a while to get comfortable and get out of robot mode lol. Before I started blogging I did not realize how much of yourself you actually have to be comfortable putting out in the World Wide Web.


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