One Night in His Custody, Teri Fowler (review IR/BDSM)

One Night in His Custody, Teri FowlerOne Night in His Custody, Teri Fowler

Olivia Fitzgerald comes face to face with her high school sweetheart, the guy who broke her heart Constable Michael Williams while attending a hen party. In high school he would never give her what she wanted or take their relationship to the next level. Now she is older and wants what he denied her.

Michael has never loved another woman the way he loved Olivia but he never understood his desire to dominate his sweet petite girlfriend in high school. He is now comfortable with his desires and needs, his need to dominate and be in control in the bedroom.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I enjoyed Olivia and Michael’s reunion. Michael was comfortable with who he was, although he still had to overcome his issues with dominating Olivia, the girlfriend he put on a pedestal. This was not one of those clubs, chains and a whip reads. This was more of a sensual romance with some handcuffs and a little wrestling in the bedroom thrown in so bdsm light.

Straight to the Swagger: A couple who should have been together in the beginning but due to the ignorance and insecurities of youth went their separate ways come together kink and all, finally getting their HEA. If nothing else read it for the opening scene, funny!

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review. I’m glad you enjoyed the opening scenes. I had fun writing them (from memory, in some parts!)


    • I really enjoyed reading it, Karen and the crew really had me laughing and I loved how Olivia took off with his helmet its always nice to find those lighter funny reads. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I’m in! I love the full out BDSM reads but really enjoy the BDSM-lite ones too. And always a fan of the reunion/second chance romances. They just have some extra umpf to them.


    • I know, I love the ones where the girl was a nerd and he was the man on campus or bad boy and learned from his mistakes…I read a spanking one called the Bully I think such a cute read where the Hero became the principal of the school and the heroine had to teach under him. Stuff like that love it!


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