Bruised, Stacey-Deanne (Review)

BruisedBruised, Stacey-Deanne

Baltimore Homicide Detective Lisa Swanson meets Jake Jenson at the scene of his best-friends murder. Jake, is the prime suspect and main interference in Ernest’s murder investigation. Lisa finds Jake aggravating, irritating…handsome and he gets under her skin like no man has. Not since her previous relationship, an abusive relationship she is still mentally recovering from.

Jake is unsure of why Lisa refuses to consider him as dating material, he is unsure if it is the wheelchair or the fact he is a suspect in his friends murder investigation. He will not let anyone get in the way of discovering who truly killed his friend not even the woman he wants to be with.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. When it comes to suspense, I like women leads, what can I say. I love The Closer, Major Crimes and Women’s Murder Club, a woman solving it is just great. Oh, it just makes me giddy. This title tackles some major topics like abuse and stereotypes.  This read like a true suspense, a suspense driven story with romance. Most of the hero and heroine interaction involves them dealing with the case. I knew Jake and Lisa would get together because it was a romance but the focus was on who done it.

Straight to the Swagger: heavy on who killed the heroes best-friend, unique hero and heroine dealing with the stereotype of abuse and the disabled.

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  1. Not something I would pick up, but I love a lot of elements described. I like women leads too and bad ass believable women. I really might give this one a try.


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