His Forbidden Touch (Stolen Brides, 2), Shelly Thacker (Audio Title Review)

hisHis Forbidden Touch (Stolen Brides, 2), Shelly Thacker (Audio Title Review)

Narrated by Julia Motyka

12 hours 31 min

Princess Ciara is the answer to peace. She is being sent to marry Prince Daemon by her father the King of Chalon.  While the Royal wedding party is underway she and her escort consisting of herself and ex Knight Royce Saint Michel. They must travel through the dangerous mountains and war torn Chalon in hopes of avoiding the rebels, who do not wish for the peace the marriage would bring. Along the journey anything can happen, including a princess finding out there is more to a knight than pretty words and the things she has read about in books and a knight discovering there is more to a princess than pretty clothing. The two discover there is more than what they think they know about the idea of each other.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. It started out a little slow and it might have been the contrast between the book opening with a battle then the plot picking back up again with the hero and heroine starting their journey. Once it picked up again I enjoyed it, there were misunderstands, horse chases, bow and arrows, castle climbing, wicked brothers and even a merry band of men. The heroine was a little naive but it was understandable. Ciara grew up a princess in a war torn country needless to say she did not get out much. Once Royce got passed that fact he started to see her for who she was and how much she actually cared about people. I did like how he did not go all in for her at first even though it was lust at first sight (he is a man, and she is all shiny and virginal, this is a medieval romance). Royce was a likable hero and I am happy he got his princess. Oh and this is not a steamy romance, this is a sweet romance, there is some xxx (lowercase for a reason but most of it is implied so it is safer for those of you who do not like the capital XXX)

Straight to the Swagger: The narrator is going to get on your nerves a bit, she is very proper, but it does fit this type of read and if you want to play a drinking game take a drink of wine every time she says Chalon, you will be three sheets to the wind, lol. Cute read, just get past chapter seven and you will be happy you did.

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  1. LOL audio book drinking game. Too funny! I’ve not tried her yet but she’s on my tbr pile 🙂 Sounds pretty entertaining!


  2. Might just have to get this to try out the drinking game now 😀 Good review 🙂


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