Mountain Hero, Cheryl Yeko (Review, Audio)

Mountain Hero, Cheryl YekoMountain Hero, Cheryl Yeko

Michelle is heading to the mountains during a snow storm, not her best idea but she just wants some time alone in her own head after losing her best-friend and cheating fiance to each other. Unfortunately she never makes it to her oasis of serenity. She is rescued by off duty fireman Jason. He saves her from a horrible situation and they have to survive the harsh winter storm in the elements, the dire situation leads them to depend on each other and discover how much they might just mean to each other.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. The word count on this is 25,000 and I think I would have enjoyed this story more in print. For such a short read there was a lot of action. But the narrator was dying, I think ( no shade, lol). The story was cute and you do have to suspend belief a little and I am never one to quibble over that. I am reading fiction but if a couple falling in love, the hero going alpha while gazing at the heroine longingly in his alpha cave than ravishing her.  Followed by bursting into her home to protect her because he knows she is his bothers you than this is not the one for you my friends.

Straight to the Swagger: The narrator, mmmhh not so much but I checked the price. Even though my copy was free (stop it, stop it) they are charging according to the product. Sooooo I am not mad,  but the print copy is .99.  If you are like me sometimes you just need that short audio book at a decent price though.

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