Megan’s Men, Tessie Bradford (Audio Review)

Megans MenMegan’s Men, Tessie Bradford

Megan has been through it. Everything that can happen to a respectable married woman in the past year has happened to her. Her husband left her for a 20 year old, taking their assets with them. She lost her job, which led to her current predicament of taking a management position in a research facility on a distant planet. Lucky for her not much has changed in airline travel, they still mess up just on a grander scale and she meets the guy who becomes part of the plural in Megan’s Men.

Megan is rescued by Garfor, Rork and Loban, on their world women are treasured and they recognize Megan as their mate. All they want is the time before she starts her new job to get to know each other. Megan is not sure she can deal with three dominant men or make them happy especially when she was unable to please one.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. I have been searching for a science fiction audio romance title (seem to be really hard to find). There was not much focus on the world; it was simply a back drop. More of a light quick read, so if you are looking for depth this is not that book. Each male does have their own distinct personalities of course they are all alpha but they are alpha on a scale of 1 to 10 and we get to experience their personalities through the activities they introduce Megan to. This was a novella length story, the audio only 2.5 hours.

Straight to the Swagger: Hey it is a scifi romance and there are three guys, I am just saying. It will get you through a commute for sure. Beware, if alphas drive you insane or moderate amounts of heroine self reflection….Move on, skip it.

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  1. What a cover ! Oh my! I wonder how much time does an author has to create deep characters in such short book. I guess a good author can pull it off. I don’t have a lot experience with quick listens, so I can’t say that ever had good or bad one. In this case it sounds like you were lucky it was short 😦
    Thanks for the heads up!


    • Lol, ya. I think she balanced well on a slippery slope for sure. Any longer and the troops would have been at the gate wanting her to create more of a world…Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Oo yeah gonna need to give this one a read. Lucky Megan! Now really though were are the ones called Anna’s Men? Huh? I wouldn’t mind one like that. Based on real life?! That would be…excellent! lol

    Have you tried Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Sci-fi romances? It’s been a while since I read those but I remember enjoying them.


    • You know I have not and I love her which is crazy, I kind of got burned out on her after Acheron but she is a author I would feel good about spending the $$$ (notice $$$) on with a audio book!


      • It’s been a clip since I’ve read her. I kind of fizzled on Retribution and Styxx just wasn’t one I was overly eager to read when it came out. One day though. I’ve still not gotten into audio but for the most part hers are ones I don’t have too much problem buying in hard cover when they come out. I’ve really enjoyed the vast majority of the ones I’ve picked up from her.


      • Cool, will be going on the TBR pile although I am trying to be good I am not reading anything else till I get ALL my reviews out :/


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