Secrets of a Bollywood Marriage, Susanna Carr (Review)

SecretSecrets of a Bollywood Marriage, Susanna Carr

Tina Sharma returns to her husband midst a glamorous Bollywood party in their shared home to ask for a divorce.

Dev Arjun loves his wife although she has been missing for two months (ya, but he was partying like a rock star?). If she wants a divorce she will have it on his terms.

Tina is furious she has to play the part of a happy couple to please the Bollywood set but she will do what she must to secure her freedom. She just has to resist Dev and remember he married her for the baby they lost, not for love and the passion is not real.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. The author really transported me to another place, she was descriptive with an attention to sights, sounds and foods. Secrets of a Bollywood Marriage is a good one to read if you have an interest in travel romances and multicultural reads. It also brought back memories, I could not help recalling why I used to enjoy Harlequins. The romance, over the top fights and crazy supporting characters (this one had the mother, you know the one…hint, hint stage mom/manager). I really enjoyed this one. There were some issues with transitions but not enough to drive me crazy, now you I can’t vouch for.

Straight to the Swagger: Loved the Bollywood spin. A tale of people from the same culture, one from the haves and the other the have nots.

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  1. Nice to see Harlequin branching into India! Being married to an Indian myself, I’ve been thinking there should be more Indian heroes and/or heroines!:-)


    • I know, the peek on another culture really added to the story and was one of the reasons I really liked it. The author really gave a interesting take on the Bollywood scene, things I never knew about made me google it and she was on point with a lot of stuff from my limited search. If your read it let me love would be cool to see what you think.


  2. I’ve read two Bollywood books and enjoyed them both. Seems as if I’ll like this one too.


    • Thats great, it is nice to see more than just the standard IR I know in the US sometimes we can get a little bogged down in the usual cultural standards nice as far as publishing I love to see houses putting out different things.


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