Wolf ‘s Strength, Ambrielle Kirk (Caedmon, 5) (Review)

wolfWolf’s Strength, Ambrielle Kirk

Mates since before they were on rival packs, Naomi Valentine and Blake Deluca knew there would come a time they would have to choose. They would have to choose their packs or each other. Times are changing and there is an enemy, one who wants to see all wolves destroyed.

Naomi has to decide to leave behind her life as an Elite Enforcer for her traditional Arnou Pack, if she wants to be with her Caedmon mate Blake. The first time she couldn’t do it; this time might be the last time.

Blake is tired of sneaking meetings with his mate, he has never marked her for it could cause her harm but she has always been his. He has reached the point where a decision must be made. He is a Councilman for his pack, a good pack. He will not allow anyone to harm Naomi, not this new deadly force nor his own pack.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. The Caedmon pack has come a long way from book one. Their lives have changed and it is more than a story of a couple meeting, falling in love and obtaining their required HEA. We now have plots unfolding from book to book. Characters dying that have helped previous stories unfold (and I have to say, alright now). We are firmly in series territory no backing out now. This book could definitely be read as standalone but the alpha, his second and those who have gone beforeeeeee (pretend to hear an echo) help move the story forward. I liked Naomi, she was a tough chick, made some tough choices which led to her not being able to be with her mate. I like the fact the author did not let it be a simple issue of her just being a fraidy cat. Blake was definitely man enough, no shifter enough to respect her choices, catch her when she needed it and knew she was a grown a$@ woman.

Straight to the Swagger: The end gets a little muddy, but it’s all non-stop action. Naomi is no one’s punk and Blake is the man to handle all that shifter.

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  1. I keep thinking about picking this one up!


  2. I’ve got book one. I was actually thinking about giving it a read yesterday! I’m gonna have to get on that one soon. These two sound great 🙂


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