At Star’s End, Anna Hackett (Review, science fiction romance)

AtStarsEnd-medAt Star’s End, Anna Hackett

Dr. Eos Rai needs the Phoenix brothers to help her fulfill a promise to her mother and her lifelong dream of finding Star’s End. The planet said to be the home of the Terran Colony, earth inhabitants who fled during a nuclear fallout, taking with them priceless treasures including the Mona Lisa.

Dathan Phoenix will help the uptight, rule abiding Dr. Eos Rai with his brothers locate Star’s End and the Mona Lisa, the one artifact his father chased but could never attain. Along the way he plans to have a little fun and find out what makes the delectable, golden skinned, tatted Dr. Eos Rai tick.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. This is a study in opposites attract and if you dig a little deeper you may find you have more in common than not. The story just kept moving, I loved the pace. There was always something to look forward to or another reason to turn the page. Eos an only child, fond of rules and regulations falls for a pirate. She falls for Dathan, on the surface an irresponsible younger brother without a care in the world. When you dig deeper you find he is a guy who cares about people and has had to shoulder responsibility at a tender age. He just has the gift of sniffing out treasure. Both Eos and Dathan have guarded hearts due to their backgrounds but found they enjoyed and cared about each other. You tend to discover that quickly when fighting for your life, running from slavers; fighting gooey monsters and a hot pirate thief who may or may not be lusting after your brother (Dathan has hot brothers, sensing a series).

Straight to the Swagger: Science fiction romance and treasure hunting, so basically we get an Indiana Jones-Han Solo mash-up with a hot smart chick as the heroine.

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