Box Sets Here, There, Everywhere (romance genre)

rrI have been swamped with work lately, drowning would be a better term, so my books for reviews are piling up. Well I wanted to take a brain break and read something were it can suck it and I do not have to feel ahhh man about it. When I noticed my kindle is loaded down with box sets. Now I know I get a little click happy when I see all those box sets for the limited price of .99, yes 99 cents but what started out as a few authors doing this has turned into… What girl you mean you are not in a box set, then you are not writing (I kid, I kid), but no really.

Do you read box sets all the way through? Do you pick and choose? Will you buy an author’s box set when she is basically re-releasing the series, just bundled in a box set?

Just wondering.

(So far though Alphas is a good one, lol and I got it for 99 cents, see I need help)

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  1. I love box sets, especially at 99 cents! It stretches the book bucks for sure. However, I find you run into the issue of authors putting the same books in several sets. But I try to balance that if there is one book/author in the set that I don’t have. It’s worth the 99 cents. You won’t get the one for cheaper unless it’s free. If I have all the books in the set, I don’t buy it.

    For specific authors I like, the same thing goes, if there’s one in the set that I don’t have, I’m ok with spending the 99 cent for the one along with the others. They’ll all be conveniently in one place.

    I’m sure this “box set” extravaganza too shall pass. I’m getting while the getting is good.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Belinda G

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    • I know, the trend just came out of nowhere and it looks like only romance authors are doing it. I have found some authors I enjoy and never would have bought without the box set. At this point I am calling my TBR list many GTBR (golden to be read list) because I keep loading it down and some of these books I will not get to until my golden years 😉

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  2. I think they’re great! Though I don’t buy a whole lot of them I think they’re a great way for readers to have especially when there’s a series involved or just related themes if there’s a combination of authors.

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    • True and some of them are so clever. I have seen the typical subgenre themed sets but I like when it’s more vague like alphas or heroes allows for variety.

      I do find I rarely buy the series in fact I only bought one that I know of and it was because that sucker was so cheap and it was nice too have them all in one place but if I were new to the series it would have been something I would have jumped all over. The problem is all the ones I find I have already bought the entire series.

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  3. they are awesome, but I admit that I don’t read every story in them. My reading pile is already out of control and then to add box sets? hell bells…lolls. This one does look good though ;D

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    • I know but it’s so hard too say no! Justify it by saying you are buying books for your retirement so when you have time to do nothing but read you already have your books.

      I admit I will jump around too especially when I know I have all these others books in the set I might like. Hard for me to keep reading the set dud.

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  4. I rarely pick up a box set. I usually read one book in the series first, if I like it then I’ll go for the set. When I see all of those pages on my Kindle it doesn’t push me, even whent the story is amazing.


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