Photo-A-Day Challenge (Book Lovers Taking Over Instagram)

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Click on the picture to sign up for the challenge over at Herding Cats Burning Soup

Photo-A-Day Challenge

I am hoping this is the motivation I need to post more on Instagram and maybe Pinterest although if you ask me I think I have being doing a lot better with Pinterest. So hopefully this will put me over the top and take me from looky loo to participator on Instagram. If you are on Intsagram hit me up! I am looking for more book lovers to follow. You can also join the challenge! The more the merrier.

Join me as I try to figure out Instagram, I am bookswagger_m

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  1. Woot! I’m hoping it’ll help me figure out Instagram too. lol Thanks for joining in!


  2. I may do this myself or add it the new meme I created,


  3. I signed up for Instagram to do this challenge, but I can’t figure the darn thing out, sigh… I’ll probably use my phone camera for the challenge 🙂


    • I am not an Instagram pro but you are supposed to use your phone to take and upload the picture. I was so late getting on bc I have a windows phone and there was not a app for us. The idea is to use either IG app or a another app to upload pictures you take with your phone. If you want to use your computer I found this link that listed some of the most used IG apps and I have my eyes on one that I plan to try out when I get my new phone Friday…No more Windows for me. I hope this helps. When you get on let me know. Comment on a pic or something so I can follow back!


  4. At least you belong to Instagram. I’m so bogged down with social media that I’m LOST.


    • I know, I was late believe me I am not sure if we romance readers are on there but I refuse to do tumbler. It is to much so I am taking the lazy ohhh its just pretty pictures way out!


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