Falling, Kassanna (Review Multicultural/IR Romance)

fallingFalling, Kassanna

Some may think Whit is a sucker in fact she knows they do but she cannot let an innocent baby be placed in child protective services. A product of foster care herself she knows the type or lack of safety some of the foster homes provide. She steps up to take care of her friends baby, a baby she helped welcome into the world and already love as her own, not knowing he comes with a father attached to a hate group.

Bobby Jack has only one thought when he is released from prison. Not strengthening his hate group ties but finding his son and the mother of his child. He is not prepared to find his child being taking care of by a black woman. A woman belonging to a group he has always professed to hate and has the tats to prove it.

The two bond over their love for one baby and find they have more in common than they thought, starting with their desire for one another.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. This was a different read for me. I was not bothered by the language or the hate speech, the author did warn us and you hear worse in an episode of SVU. The author touched on some touchy subjects. The one line that stuck with me is things have gotten worse since President Obama was elected ( I paraphrased), to be frank I have heard that before.

I felt like I was reading about the experience of two separate people who were searching for a way to survive the ordeals of everyday life. Two people who eventually connected and found they liked facing those ordeals together. The romance almost took a back seat, to me when they were actually getting together and building their relationship the book ended with the two talking on the phone. Either there is going to be a book two or this ending left a lot to be desired.

Straight to the Swagger: Read for the experience, seeing two people from different backgrounds coming together. If you are reading for the romance alone you will probably be a little disappointed. But if there is a book two I am in!

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  1. I mostly have read her paranormal romances and they are quite good. I would probably want more romancing, but this does sound good.


    • Ya, the only other book I have read by her was Hiss and I have to say it was okay but not a fan of snakes in my PNR.

      I liked where she was going with this one it was different and I even like racist Bobby! I could really see him rethinking some things and she did not have him do a 360 that would have been unrealistic, with a little more romance between the two this would have been a great read but we are romance readers, you can get it all right but if the H/h do not spend a lot of time together than you cannot win!

      If you ever decide to read this one I would love to know what you think. Do not want to be on this train alone.


  2. Not tried her yet but yeah I think I’d want more on the romance side of things. Hope there’s a book 2 for ya!


  3. There is a book two – Rising and it is the second and final book in a very short series. Rileys book actually but we do revisit the Whit and BJ in length. Thank you for your honest review. 🙂


    • I look forward to reading it. Your book was actually the topic of conversation at an event I attended another author told me you were thinking about doing another part. Knowing the saga continues lol definitely puts a different spin on the ending.

      Can’t wait till it’s out!


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