MC Romance Crazy, My New Obsession (Review Nomad Kind of Love)

NS 1NS 3I have recently gone MC crazy so if anyone wants to recommend some good MC books….Please do. I remember when the books featuring motorcycle clubs were paranormal and were more than likely used to emphasize how bad those shifter wolves really were.
Girl things have changed.

Overall Series (quickie) This weekend I read the entire Outlaw Love series by Nicole Snow. The series includes in order Outlaw Kind of Love, Nomad Kind of Love and Savage Kind of Love. They can be read as standalone but I would recommend reading in order as each book chronologically picks up after the other and makes for a more enjoyable read. I am going to be honest and it might just be my overdose of MC romance talking but this is not my favorite but not my worse. I would rate the entire series overall, Three Crowns. But let’s dish my favorite book in the series book two Nomad Kind of Love.

Nomad Kind of Love: Prairie Devils MC Romance (Outlaw Love), Nicole Snow

Aaron “Maverick” Sturm is the President of the Prairie Devils Nomads charter and is tasked with starting a charter in Grizzlies territory. Although they are outmanned the town wants the Grizzlies out because of the atrocities committed in the name of the MC.
June Daniels has been held captive by the Grizzlies ever since they busted into her family’s home and changed her life forever. She is all that is left of her family and living a life she never imagined. The only thing she wants is vengeance against the Grizzlies.
Taking as collateral against the Grizzlies June never counted on falling for the kind of man she hates, a man in a MC or falling for his dominant demands.
Maverick will protect June she is his property and will be his ol lady, a Prairie Devil never backs away from a challenge.

NS 2Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Out of all three stories in the series, I found this one to have the most creative plot line and a heroine who did not make me cringe. June had been through a lot and the way she dealt with things came across as pretty realistic. There were things implied that she might have done that were not so good for her but living captive with a MC that basically (no spoiler) changed life as you know it would leave some emotional scars. So she read realistic. Some of the things that drew me out of the story were the motorcycle club aspects (like I am an expert…not) but I like what I like and some of it just did not do it for me. Maybe it will for you! I must admit though, I am getting tired of all the strippers in these stories and the author does the stripper heroine again in book three. In this story it was different but at this point I am not reading another book about a stripper for a long, long time. They seem to be all up through these books and I think with me reading so many over the past two weeks it became glaringly obvious to me how overdone this is in this sub genre. But I liked the way this author did it, so it was cool. No side hustles for June if you get what I am saying.

Straight to the Swagger: Alpha bad guy, who is only good to his club and his future ol lady has to fight huge battle to keep mc charter from being destroyed and girl from being killed as part of revenge. Heroine has to have her vengeance in order to find closure and realize she still have family with her ol man and his now her mc as well.

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  1. Haven’t tried this one yet. I’ve been on a bit of an MC kick myself lately. All Steph Tyler’s fault. My latest find has be the Joanne Wylder books. Loved the first two. Which series would you put at the top of you MC recommendations list?


    • You know I went crazy and I have not found my omg autobuy series yet. But I have read
      -Dual Desires, Shyla Colt it was short but that was the only multicultural MC I could find and I did enjoy it but the club was not the focus.
      -I read the Ravage MC Series, Michele Ryan I actually liked book one, Ravage Me. The heroine just got out of prison which I found to be unique. She was def a kick a@# chick.
      -Debra Kayn, Fighting to Ride
      -Joanna Wylde, Devils Game and Reaper’s Property
      -Colleen Masters, Imperfectly I did not like. The heroine drove me nuts. She came across as a club bunny to me. although I did like the hero.

      ***Now out of the ones my top three***
      -Joanna Wylde, Devils Game and Reaper’s Property
      -I also liked Dual Desires, Shyla Colt the focus was on the family and not the drugs, the 1%, because after reading all the ones who kind of had the same “whose bad” this was nice.
      -Debra Kayn, Fighting to Ride I plan on going back to read more of her series

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  2. I love MC novels too, I have to check these one out. Have you read the Undeniable series by Madelin Sheehan? I loooved reading and then listening to those 🙂


  3. anna@herding cats & burning soup

    Hmm haven’t tried this one yet. I’m liking those covers. Yowza! I’d second Sheehan’s first book Undeniable. It was very gritty and in your face but fantastic. I liked Wylde’s latest Devil’s Game too. SO many out there still to read!


  4. I haven’t read any MC books after M. Sheehan’s first book Undeniable. I tried Kristen Ashley’s Motorcyle Man series, but didn’t care for the 1st book. I have all the books so I am going to eventually continue the series. couldn’t deal with the old ladies and everyone being “bitches”. Enjoy them while you can…I live vacariously through your review 😉


  5. belindaegreen

    Jenika Snow has a MC series called Grizzlys, Colorado. Sam Crescent has 2 MC series – – The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds, I have read both of Sam’s. I highly recommend them. I’m just beginning to read Jenika’s and have all the books in the series so far, I just need to find the time to read them. Both authors are still releasing more books in each series.
    Bella Jewel also has quite a few MC series out.

    I have put Joanna Wylde MC books on my wish list and as soon as she releases more, I will pick them up. I’ll have to checkout the Nicole Snow MC series.

    Shyla Colt is one of my fav authors and I have Dual Desire, again, finding time to read it. I’ll get to it. 🙂

    I seem to be into the MC books lately as well. I find them fascinating. The brotherhood, leadership structure, and the women they fall in love with are wonderful reads into the human behavior.

    Belinda G


    • I will have to check them out Belinda, never heard of Bella Jewel. I did just read a MC by Jenika Snow and I have to check out Sam Crescent MC series. …

      I do not know what it is about the MC series but I am hooked. I do enjoy a hero who is not perfect or all knowing. So maybe its the layers because lets face it if he was perfect he would not be in the club in the first place. The books I have read do have me wanting more and more even on the NF side as well. I did find a book I haven’t bought yet but I am interested in reading about a Black MC (East Bay Dragons), true life history in CA. I found it on instagram (go figure).

      I guess I am being introduced to a different culture and I am a person who loves learning about other people cultures, which might be why I am so drawn to these reads right now!


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