Long Shot, Cara Bristol (Spanking Review)

Long-Shot-FinalLong Shot (Corbin Bend), Cara Bristol

Abby Delaney has been with only one man and after divorcing him she moved to Corbin Bend unbeknownst to her an old-fashioned community to work in her aunt’s antique store.

The community is home to Harris Montgomery, he is charming and an upstanding local business man, everything Abby’s ex is not. Harris loves the values the community stands for and the submissive side they bring out in Abby.

Abby has always had to be the responsible one in the relationship and finds herself enjoying being able to lean on Harris consequences and all. But when her ex brings follows and brings more trouble will, her new relationship and lifestyle stand the test.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. It is hard when you measure an author against her own five crown review constantly this was a quick cute read and I enjoyed it, a tame way to introduce someone to spanking romances without freaking them out. Abby knows how to take care of herself and others, I mean she basically raised a grown man, got married young and had to drag the douche along her entire marriage. Harris presents an entirely different point of view and I enjoyed seeing her dealing with that change.

Straight to the Swagger: This is a nice quick read, you can get lost in the plot with true black moments and spankings. We all like spankings right or I would not be having to deal with that darn fifty shades of grey movie coming out.

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