The Highlander’s Bride Trouble, Mary Wine (Review/Historical Romance)

thehighlandersbridetrouble-270x427The Highlander’s Bride Trouble, Mary Wine

Nareen Grant is hiding out, or not exactly hiding more like choosing the role of ladies maid rather than role of wife. Her brother Kael sent her to her cousins underground brothel (unbeknownst to him) and she still has some baggage. She escaped the fate of having her maidenhead sold but the Highlander Saer MacLeod still wants to court her even with her past.

Saer the savage Highlander now Laird, cannot get Nareen Grant out of his mind. He knows what it is like to have a savage past and he admires her strength. When most fear him she has spirit. He plans to court her, she is the family he wants.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. I was sad. I have to admit this one was okay, not a reread for me and I do tend to reread Mary Wines older historical romances but this will not be one of those. Not that I did not like any of the characters it was just a little boring and I did not understand why. I am not sure if it was because most of the conflict was internal, although Nareen was kidnapped by another honorable Scot for like a blink. If you love historicals and like to keep up with the series give it a go. I have only read book one in the series so you can definitely jump in or jump around.

Straight to the Swagger: Had all the historical romance elements but did not love it, you might want to save your duckies. Okay read.

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  1. man, I hate when a books bores me…that’s like the worse. Well, I hope the next one works out for you. At least it turned out to still be a decent read 🙂

    loved the review Marcia


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