Romance Genre Haters Getting Me Down

Romance Haters

I do not know about you but I have been reading romance for some time and one thing that has never changed is the romance genre haters.

Percent of Readers sharing with friends romances they are reading

Now I have to be careful who I share with

I am tired of people who do not read romance or any sub-genre of romance telling me what real literature is or that what I am reading is garbage or porn. The use of the P word drives me nuts and is the sign of someone who has no clue. It hurts when it is coming from someone who knows that you actually love reading romance or how important it is to you. I mean really? No F%#king Really?

You read Nicholas Sparks? Oh there is no sex in there right? Mmmmm

Oh You read Patterson, oh okay? Again nothing in there?

Like do you think all 300 pages of the novel I am reading has the heroine flat on her back? You think I have one brain cell and that is all it would take to keep me stimulated?

I have always been of the mind I like what I like and my immediate family has my back one hundred percent but I had some hate thrown my way by the most surprising of people lately. Good thing I have a book con coming up, I could read-360-pagesuse a little fellow book-lover love!

Also why do people assume just because you read something you want to do it? I mean dag, If you read about a dude jumping off a cliff in a book should I assume you also want to jump off a cliff… Just saying.

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  1. Let it all out girl. We feel you. We’re here for you and all the romance readers out there, no sweat.


    • Yes, I really needed a vent. This drives me crazy and they really got onto the bdsm stuff I read. I do not practice bdsm but if I were to so what and if that is someones thing so what. They are not making you do it! End of bdsm rant lol.


  2. anna@herding cats & burning soup

    It’s crazy, right? And dang even if they are spending most the book on their back so what? I do love my full out erotica reads now and again. I really don’t get the hate for romance books out there.

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    • Yes but even the erotica is telling a story. I actually had to pull up a P word last night because I had never read one and I am crazy tired because I was determined to see what the deal was… Nothing like a romance I had ever read, and I have read some bad ones. It was just one and I would have to read tons more to consider myself a expert but I don’t think I would have the energy I would rather read romance;)


  3. I’m so feeling ya! People stick their nose up in the air and shake their heads all the time when they find out that you read and love romance novels. A lot of time you just want to backhand them one for being so closed minded!

    As we know romance, in real life, if done right, drives a relationship. It makes me think they have no imagination which leads one to wonder how well they are doing with their own love life.

    I have always been proud of reading romances. I carried my books and read them out in the open. No shame in my game! What gets me now a days is the people who continually spouted off the negative rhetoric but secretly have100’s of romance book on their e-readers. Hypocrites at its best.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share. 🙂

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    • You know when I was younger I was not so open. I think age and being so young had a lot to do with it to. I had some teachers one in particular really get on me and shame me, so I hide them even though my mother was cool about me reading them. My extended family, step family use to get on me about them as well. I also might be feeling real sensitive because I lost my huge supporter this year, my grandfather he was a real character and used to buy me my romances especially when my Aunts used to get on me about reading them so I might be in my feelings a bit.

      But now I am over that, when someone tries to get on me about it, I am like we are not going to agree so this is not a path you want to take, this conversation will not end well. So I was real surprised by the person. Real surprised.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. I have been where you are. That is one of the reasons I love my e-reader so much (and that’s a whole nother can of worms). No one can see what I am reading and become all Judgy McJudgerson on me about my reading choices, just my reading medium.

    Once upon a time I worked in a combination high school/community college library. Needless to say there were certain books that had to be shelved in rooms not generally accessed by all students. A big stink would invariably arise each year about the books that the high school librarian would purchase for “their” half of the library. Believe or not it was never the “romance” ones. It was always those big thick Steve King type gruesome scare-the-shit out-of-you ones. I watched one particular librarian go toe to toe with a school board member and tell them that if a student proved themselves to be responsible and mature with the standard books and they wanted to branch out into something else, she had no problem with it. Because reading those big 2-3 inch wide books was a serious commitment to reading and if they wanted to make that kind of commitment to it, and if the student’s parents had no problem with it, neither did she.

    I just try to remind myself that there are people out there, willing to go to the mat for readers, no matter the genre. Small minded people will always be small minded, no matter the subject or topic. Read On!!!


    • Thanks it’s great to hear there are librarians out there who recognize some books may not be considered the norm are still good reads. I got some unexpected push back that hurt but I will not let it keep me down and it was actually my nephew, he’s eight who encouraged me to write this post, he knows I love my books! He told me too get it out, lol. I just hate this genre gets so much flack but never thought about a Stephen king book getting the same treatment, puss it in perspective.


  5. Sorry you had such a bad experience. Romance has always had a bad rap. Those who love them, read it with gusto. Those who don’t, aren’t happy people. Lol.

    Note: My hypothesis has not been scientifically proven.


    • I know it is always the people who have never read them who have so much to say about the genre! I just do not understand how people can have such a set opinion on something they never read.


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