Four Horse Men MC, Cynthia Rayne Series (Review)

Sweet PerditionFour Horse Men MC, Cynthia Rayne (Series Review)

The Four Horse Men, a series that takes place in a small town in Texas. This MC is bad. You know the usual, booze and boobs. They are different in most of the men went away for a brief period so the ole women were in charge for a while which means these men have a different outlook on life. This came through in book 1, Sweet Perdition.

I loved, loved Sweet Perdition, the hero was bad enough to keep it popping but man enough to realize he was into the hot Librarian ( I refuse to say sweet) Elizabeth. Classic case of opposites attracts. She was way more than he expected, they both had a few stereotypes they applied to each other going in and they ended up surprising each other. For .99 cents I would def give this read a go, it has some grit but not really dark and angsty which I liked.

Now cut to book two… it is getting darker. So I see this series getting darker, which I am not sure I like but to be frank I think most readers enjoy darker MC reads so I am not mad at the author, just sad for me (frownie face). Book 2 starts with the hot Cowboy a former rodeo star who we meet in book 1.

Hot as HadesHe meets stripper/bar hop Daisy while in a rival club doing work for his MC… Mmmm intriguing right? Well Daisy is there looking for her little sister. I enjoyed reading  Daisy she is an ex-Marine. Again another case of opposites attract. This story lagged a little in spots but had way more suspense (hence the darkness begins). We are introduced to book threes hero and heroine as well, I assuming it will be Daisy’s sister who is a submissive with the dark dominant MC brother (so ya I will be reading book three).

Straight to the Swagger: So if you think this sounds interesting and you like a good MC read that pulls you in and slides into darkness this might be the series for you!

Overall series rating

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger.


To read yourself Amazon .99 cents and 2.99:


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  1. anna@herding cats & burning soup

    Oh dang girl. Okay. You’ve got me curious. *runs to amazon*


  2. hmmmmm….adding to my wishlist. I can do darker MC romances 🙂

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