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I know there is a war right or there seems to be one. I read the posts I see SF and SFR squaring off from time to time. Funny thing is, it makes no sense. SFR is a genre I love, one I fell in love with because of its inclusion. There are bad authors in every genre as well as great ones (thank all the Gods). As a kid using brown hands to hold vibrant covers reading about milky skinned blondes with rose colored cheeks, I enjoyed getting my hands Nyota Uhuraon a book that took me off world.

You see that chick from another planet might have still had long silky strands but her skin may have been dusky and her side kick green. Which made me sit up, take notice and want more because I still got my HEA, HFN or female lead read while women were still fainting in historical romances, being kidnapped by the Sheik and Marrying their bosses, the women in my Science Fiction Romances were landing on earth crashing parties or running planets sending out minions to find their mates (I loved that Sh%t).

I enjoy a good fainting, kidnapping and sold to the Sheik story as much as the next person all I am saying is don’t knock it until you try it. By try it I mean the good stuff.

List coming later I want to get you hooked!

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  1. I get ya. I’m all for inclusion and SFR certainly gives readers diversity. I’m looking forward to your list. 🙂


  2. I love SFR, sometimes I feel like it adds more depth to the story and characters because what better way to get to know a character than to see how they act in love?! Can’t wait for your list!

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    • Yes, I so agree we get that up close and personal. I mean what shows more of a person emotions than who they interact when they are falling in love. I never thought about it that way but so true! I might have to take use that in the future when I am explaining why I love SFR as well. Will give cred:)


  3. I love romance with my SF! looking forward to your list


  4. cannot wait to see what this list looks like 😉 I love SFR and haven’ read any stories in a long time, so yeah…I’m looking forward to this.


  5. anniejacksonbooks

    I think the great thing about romance in sci-fi is that it requires great character development in order for you to buy into the romantic elements. It takes a great idea or a great story and gives it some depth or a different angle. I’m looking forward to seeing your list 🙂


    • It does because we are usually out of our element and the only familiar thing is romance or the desire for romance. Even if we have never been in love we cut our teeth on the idea of romance and it can be a tricky thing to make it realistic in between building fantastic worlds!


  6. Great points! Love me some SFR! SFR and PNR seem to have a lot more variety in heroes and heroines. I especially love Linnea Sinclair’s books. Those heroines kick butt! And my favorite of her heroes, Kel-Paten is cybernetic, pushing the bounds of what it means to be human.:-)

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    • Yes Linnea Sinclair, and I just read a SFR where she was a character but I am seeing that a lot. When you get to that point in the game you know you have really made some changes.
      I think she is a prime example of how ebooks has allowed readers to get the chance to read an author they may have never had a chance to read if everything stayed NYT print published. I do not remember Kel-Paten but I have fell in love with a cybernetic not sure if they are human one of my fav stories written by Maria Hammerblad

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  7. anna@herding cats & burning soup

    Oh so agree. I don’t really understand the huge knock it takes. I don’t read SF romance too often these days but used to read it all the time. There are some fantastic ones out there.

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    • I know riiight! Sometimes I think because there is romance, a bed and it is dominated by women then you add in all the worl building it takes then gah.

      It’s like if people thought being a housewife were a male profession it would command more respect and a income. Lol.


  8. It’s DEFINITELY more fun when the ladies are kickass 🙂

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