Second Chance Holiday, Aurora Rose Reynolds (Christmas Review)

Second Chance Holiday

If you are like me, one of the best things about the holiday season is it is prime reading time (plus I tend to get GC cards galore for books, my family knows me).

Once Christmas book but not enough Christmas to choke on and I really enjoyed was

Second Chance Holiday, Aurora Rose Reynolds

This super sweet and sexy Christmas novella features a older hero/heroine in their forties. Mike the hero is 47 and the heroine Kathleen is 43. If you have read the Until series then you have met Mike before and know he is part responsible owner of a strip club and recently found his daughter who was taken from him by her mother, so he has some serious trust issues with women. Kathleen is coming off a scummy divorce and has her own trust issues as well. She also does not want to expose her son to a men parade, even though there is just fantastic alpha Mike.

This small town romance follows the two as they break up after two years of hiding the relationship they have with each other and Mike goes all alpha male to get his woman back. It is the holidays so he does have to deal with tree buying and commentary from the family which makes for good reading.

Bookswagger Marcia: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read. I enjoyed this and I can see myself pulling this one out next Christmas, like I would watch my favorite Christmas movie. It was short, cute and I enjoyed the history the two had we each other, it was like reading a Hallmark movie but way more hot, which I liked.

Straight to the Swagger: If you are the type who never puts up a tree to the type who decks all the halls. This book has less than to more than enough Christmas to say you checked into the season.

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  1. See I would totally get this because they’re older…those are such rare reads


  2. New to me series, but I’d probably jump right into this one the way you make it sound. 😉


    • I do I started with Nico I think is like book five the heroine is a librarian the hero one of the brothers alpha bike riding, tattooed bounty hunter. I loved it I went back and read the entire series.


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