Given, Lisa G. Riley and Roslyn Hardy Holcomb (Multicultural Historical Romance Review)

GivenGiven (Eshu Chronicles Book 1), Lisa G. Riley, Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

Mary Katherine Day does not desire to ever enter into the contract of marriage. She has everything she could ever want, her own home, business and friends. She does not see the need to marry a certain tall, bald man even though he makes her feel things no proper single, virginal woman should.

Jacob Adams is Eshu, he can shift into any creature at will, often choosing the bear. He knows what he wants and he wants one Miss Katherine Day. Which is why he proposed to her the first day he met her and why he kept proposing.

These two strangers cannot escape each other and their attraction, while working together on the dangerous Underground Railroad.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Cute short read. The hero Jacob certainly knows what he wants although it takes a little bit of wooing to get Mary Katherine on board. The opening scene is the best scene of the book, so I will not spoil it for you but it did make me look at the bible in a new light. Just saying. This is not a typical meet and mated, since Mary Katherine did try to protest but in those days when he makes you feel all tingly under the skirts you are kind of as good as married no matter how I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t you think you are. We are introduced to the rest of the Adams who will have following books in the series and Jacobs little sister is a character!

This story did go by a little fast, I loved the backstory and the history the author created, man if this was full length OMG. I think the shortness may have contributed to some of the issues like the heroine saving herself, stuff like that and quick wrap ups to black moments.

Straight to the Swagger: Quick cute historical romance read no skimp on the backstory.

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  1. Hell, since it has you looking at the Bible in a new light, I might have to try this. Added it to my wishlist


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