The Sweetest Taboo, Harper Miller (IR/MC/BDSM Romance Review)

Sweetest Taboo Harper MillerThe Sweetest Taboo: An Unconventional Romance, Harper Miller

Micah Foster is submissive, she knows what she wants and it is a dominant man. Now finding that man…

Dom Rick Thomas meets Micah at Spanxx the local fetish club but before he can get to know her as a Dom he is in doctor mode helping her through dire circumstances in the real world, beyond the anonymity of Spanxxx.

Micah thought she did not want to get to know Dom Rick Thomas better, but Dr. Thomas proved to be the Dom she needed to make her want a serious relationship.

These two deal with real issues while coming to terms with what they want and need from each other.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. Okay, I like Micha, she was not damaged, raised by two sane parents who we got to meet. I mean if I had to read another BDSM book where the heroine has turned to bdsm because of some childhood or teen dating drama. Dag I know we need black moments in these reads but let’s dig a little deeper. So I was like OMG she is AA, has herself together this is going to be good and it was. The relationship was intimate, very little club scening most of the xxx scenes took place in the bedroom or home playroom. Micah and Rick relationship progressed how I would expect one of my good, good girlfriends relationships to progress, if she were oh so lucky, as to meet a hot dominating doctor but I doubt they grow on trees, at least not in North Carolina.

Now a few things were a little jarring like the summer of 2009, beginning flash back and the heroine referring to herself in lowercase i. I get the “i”, I have seen it before in bdsm books, the sub refers to herself in lowercase and the 2009 stuff really was not necessary, just read on you will get to the good stuff it was just a few pages.

Straight to the Swagger: It is so hard to find a heroine with all of her right mind, you will find it in this read. The Sweetest Taboo is all about a couple getting to know each other and hot XXX.


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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review Marcia! I’m glad you enjoyed it and had a great reading experience with Micah and Rick!


  2. Okay , you are killing…lols. I love this review, girl you always hit it home 🙂


    • I try to there are so many bloggers in this book world so I just try to shoot from the heart. I am hoping I get my new computer soon so I can blog more, it is a struggle right now! For real reviewing with my dying PC. But I appreciate you saying I am on point since I know you read it to…Keep me honest girl!


  3. anna@herding cats & burning soup

    LOL we surely are short on them here in NC. Mmhm. Sounds pretty good Marcia! I’m with ya on the good background. Not just with BDSM but man that the parent thing is used in SO many books for why they’re messed up. Gets old after a while. So good to hear she did somethign different 😀


    • Yes, it is starting to drive me nuts and if they have been through something by the time they are in there 30s can they not have already dealt with it and become well adjusted human beings!


  4. It kinda sucks that people and authors only seem to think people (characters) are attracted to BDSM if they have effed up childhoods. It rankles, frankly. That club name though 😛 LOL, so adding this one to the TBR!


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