The Sweetest Taboo, Harper Miller (IR/MC/BDSM Romance Review)

Sweetest Taboo Harper MillerThe Sweetest Taboo: An Unconventional Romance, Harper Miller

Micah Foster is submissive, she knows what she wants and it is a dominant man. Now finding that man…

Dom Rick Thomas meets Micah at Spanxx the local fetish club but before he can get to know her as a Dom he is in doctor mode helping her through dire circumstances in the real world, beyond the anonymity of Spanxxx.

Micah thought she did not want to get to know Dom Rick Thomas better, but Dr. Thomas proved to be the Dom she needed to make her want a serious relationship.

These two deal with real issues while coming to terms with what they want and need from each other.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. Okay, I like Micha, she was not damaged, raised by two sane parents who we got to meet. I mean if I had to read another BDSM book where the heroine has turned to bdsm because of some childhood or teen dating drama. Dag I know we need black moments in these reads but let’s dig a little deeper. So I was like OMG she is AA, has herself together this is going to be good and it was. The relationship was intimate, very little club scening most of the xxx scenes took place in the bedroom or home playroom. Micah and Rick relationship progressed how I would expect one of my good, good girlfriends relationships to progress, if she were oh so lucky, as to meet a hot dominating doctor but I doubt they grow on trees, at least not in North Carolina.

Now a few things were a little jarring like the summer of 2009, beginning flash back and the heroine referring to herself in lowercase i. I get the “i”, I have seen it before in bdsm books, the sub refers to herself in lowercase and the 2009 stuff really was not necessary, just read on you will get to the good stuff it was just a few pages.

Straight to the Swagger: It is so hard to find a heroine with all of her right mind, you will find it in this read. The Sweetest Taboo is all about a couple getting to know each other and hot XXX.



Given, Lisa G. Riley and Roslyn Hardy Holcomb (Multicultural Historical Romance Review)

GivenGiven (Eshu Chronicles Book 1), Lisa G. Riley, Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

Mary Katherine Day does not desire to ever enter into the contract of marriage. She has everything she could ever want, her own home, business and friends. She does not see the need to marry a certain tall, bald man even though he makes her feel things no proper single, virginal woman should.

Jacob Adams is Eshu, he can shift into any creature at will, often choosing the bear. He knows what he wants and he wants one Miss Katherine Day. Which is why he proposed to her the first day he met her and why he kept proposing.

These two strangers cannot escape each other and their attraction, while working together on the dangerous Underground Railroad.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Cute short read. The hero Jacob certainly knows what he wants although it takes a little bit of wooing to get Mary Katherine on board. The opening scene is the best scene of the book, so I will not spoil it for you but it did make me look at the bible in a new light. Just saying. This is not a typical meet and mated, since Mary Katherine did try to protest but in those days when he makes you feel all tingly under the skirts you are kind of as good as married no matter how I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t you think you are. We are introduced to the rest of the Adams who will have following books in the series and Jacobs little sister is a character!

This story did go by a little fast, I loved the backstory and the history the author created, man if this was full length OMG. I think the shortness may have contributed to some of the issues like the heroine saving herself, stuff like that and quick wrap ups to black moments.

Straight to the Swagger: Quick cute historical romance read no skimp on the backstory.

A Christmas Miracle, Rose Francis (Review)

A Christmas MiracleA Christmas Miracle (Holiday Hunks, 1), Rose Francis

It is the Christmas season and Belinda does not have any family, unless you count her boyfriend stealing sister Rachel. Rachel has been inviting her to attend Christmas dinner with her ex, now her sisters fiancé…It is the season of forgiving and all that jazz. But sometimes one is not in the forgiving mood.

Alex just lost the last family he had left, his brother and he is not looking forward to what used to be his favorite holiday. The appeal is gone, now that he has to spend it alone.

A chance encounter and a deal to get to know each other until their agreed upon Christmas date with Rachel and the ex has these two enjoying the holiday and finding, they just might now be able to part when the season ends.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Okay this was a sweet read, Hallmark movie in a book, I have said this before but it is, what it is. Alex knows he wants to get to know Brenda from their first encounter, but Brenda is the one with the breaks. She has been through some things and when you find out your sister is a backstabber a girl can really develop some trust issues. A big clue this is a Hallmark is how the conflict is handled between the sisters, no girl fights. But the bedroom scenes are in full effect.

Straight to the Swagger: Cute super, sweet read, just right for the season. No girl fights and you get a lot of Christmas in this one.

Second Chance Holiday, Aurora Rose Reynolds (Christmas Review)

Second Chance Holiday

If you are like me, one of the best things about the holiday season is it is prime reading time (plus I tend to get GC cards galore for books, my family knows me).

Once Christmas book but not enough Christmas to choke on and I really enjoyed was

Second Chance Holiday, Aurora Rose Reynolds

This super sweet and sexy Christmas novella features a older hero/heroine in their forties. Mike the hero is 47 and the heroine Kathleen is 43. If you have read the Until series then you have met Mike before and know he is part responsible owner of a strip club and recently found his daughter who was taken from him by her mother, so he has some serious trust issues with women. Kathleen is coming off a scummy divorce and has her own trust issues as well. She also does not want to expose her son to a men parade, even though there is just fantastic alpha Mike.

This small town romance follows the two as they break up after two years of hiding the relationship they have with each other and Mike goes all alpha male to get his woman back. It is the holidays so he does have to deal with tree buying and commentary from the family which makes for good reading.

Bookswagger Marcia: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read. I enjoyed this and I can see myself pulling this one out next Christmas, like I would watch my favorite Christmas movie. It was short, cute and I enjoyed the history the two had we each other, it was like reading a Hallmark movie but way more hot, which I liked.

Straight to the Swagger: If you are the type who never puts up a tree to the type who decks all the halls. This book has less than to more than enough Christmas to say you checked into the season.

Broken Open, Lauren Dane (IR/MC Review)

Broken OpenBroken Open, (The Hurley Brothers, 2) Lauren Dane

This is one of those stories that reads so realistic (If you run in the circles of rock star ranchers that is) you just fall in love with the hero, heroine, their friends and families. You want to believe people like this exists balancing out those *holes you run into, hopefully not on a daily basis. Erza is a strong alpha male who thrives on being the go to guy, captain save’em and a lil freaky dominant between the sheets he was a perfect match for the confident Tuesday.

Tuesday a widow had some realistic struggles to live with, dealing with falling in love with a man after losing who she thought was the only love of her life (the book starts several years later). Erza also has some issues he is dealing with. He is having issues accepting the love he feels for Tuesday which feels to much like an addiction to him, something he has struggled with and overcome.

Bookswagger Marcia: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read. Erza and Tuesday are a hot grown couple, they both have things that make them an ideal match and able to understand each other, but their past issues make for good reading. What is a romance without some conflict? Erza has massive commitment he just does not want to be that guy he was, that guy who was a threat to his family because of drugs. Even though he knows Tuesday is the woman he wants ( I know over the top right!) but it is well done, I promise, you can hold me to it. We get to see the two deal with each other lifestyles, families, baggage all the things you would in a normal relationship but this is a romance so it is a little more over the top and fun.

Straight to the Swagger: If you have ever wanted to try a rock star, rancher, IR romance with a little BDSM

The Star Princess , Jessica E. Subject (Review/SCIFI/MCIR/NA)

The Star PrincessThe Star Princess (Beyond Fairytales), Jessica E. Subject

In this fairytale remix Princess Ro’sa will leave her home and spend her life with her future husband who she has been betrothed to since birth. Too bad her future husband’s personal aid is more appealing, she would rather kiss him and share her first experience with him than the Prince. But promises have been made and when she finds herself torn from her family and on her way to Earth she finds she may get exactly what she wanted.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. This was a new adult read and the voice fit, because there are just something’s grown folks won’t do and are too old for. The NA worked in this story and helped move it along. This read is 75 pages and Subject packed in loads of sci-fi, these people did not just stay on one planet, we get to see Princess Ro’sa on her home planet of Minjet and post-apocalyptic Earth. The romance was quick because duh this was an arranged marriage for some young twenty something’s who wanted to love each other. So if you want a sci-fi fairytale you got it.

Straight to the Swagger: Quick 75 pages read to give you the sci-fi romance you need and a dip into new adult, not a bad way to give two subgenres a try.