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Playing with Fire and Mate Set: Mating Heat my Favorite Audio Books of 2014

Playing with Fire and Mate Set: Mating Heat my Favorite Audio Books of 2014

Audio books can be a challenge, if there is something off about the writing boy does it show when you add sound. I mean drawn out scenes in print, you can just apply speed reading, the couple taking too long to hook up, to the point you want to do an intervention and say either pi$$ or get off the pot. Well those things are glaringly, irritatingly obvious in audio.

In 2014 I had two books I really enjoyed and they were both in the paranormal spectrum and I have read both of these in print, so I kind of knew what I was getting into.

Playing with FirePlaying with Fire, Gena Showalter
Narrated by: Jessica Almasy
Length: 12 hrs and 29 mins
Series: Belle Jamison, Book 1
Belle Jamison is misunderstood, yes she has some trouble being on time and holding onto her menial jobs but, she has other duties. She is the last person you would expect to gain superhuman powers and a fine shadow in Super Spy Agent Rome.

Rome does not know if he can trust Belle, he has been sent to neutralize her. Unfortunately he cannot bring himself to do it, instead he convinces her to join forces.

Bookswagger Marcia: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read. This listen has some ugly reviews but I love this series, it reads like a funny urban fantasy and I love action books that make me laugh. Belle and Rome are a unlikely team. He is super hot, dark and moody. Belle handles a lot of the unexpected situations like a normal person. I mean who would deal well with hot creepy men with super powers chasing you and your crush with an ex with the power to read your mind!

Straight to the Swagger: Tell of opposites attracting and funny, plus a hot hero who does not know what to do with the crazy chick he has fallen for.
Mate SetMate Set: Mating Heat, Book 1, Laurann Dohner
Narrated by: G. C. VonCloudts
Length: 7 hrs and 25 mins
Series: Mating Heat, Book 1
Mika a human is nursing a broken heart in a shifter town during mating season (can you just smell the trouble). She gets caught in the open by a group of mangy male shifters who think she is fair game because she is human and not mated. Along comes fine, strapping Grady, who happens to be one of the top enforcers in the local pack.

Bookswagger Marcia: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read. I like this book, what can I say I bought it twice. There are some slow parts and Grady the half human, half shifter had some human issues. Which made him ubber team shifter, it caused some great conflict between him and Mika but you know sometimes authors do not know when to ease up. Put a fork in the thing. But it was still great!

Mika and Grady fought, made up fought other bad guys you name it, the story came packing with plenty of action.

Straight to the Swagger: Think alpha male, cool human chick who knows just a little too much about shifters gets her own bodyguard and boy what they do with the time!




Monroe (Skinwalkers 7), Susan Bliler (Audio Review)

Monroe (Skinwalkers 7), Susan Bliler

Eden Warden a game hunter has no love for CEO, Monroe StoneCrow. He is building to close to her property, much to her disgust. She knows he is up to something and as law enforcement for the area he will have to answer to her.

Monroe StoneCrow is the dominant skinwalker. No one challenges him and he always gets what he wants.

He has no idea the thorn in his side Eden, is his Angel, the keeper of his soul. He is drawn to her take no prisoners personality and means to have her. She can run things in her world, but when it comes to the bedroom he is charge, nonnegotiable.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I really enjoyed this listen. Eden was assertive, caring and open to reason. I love that in an alpha female. Hate when they make them so aggressive they look ridic and this author was far away from that, so loved it.

Eden the adopted mother of three and Warden is tough, the right match for the dominant Monroe. It was sexy seeing them butt heads and her leave him bewildered (he was so not used to someone challenging him). This story was about the plot and the romance between Eden and Monroe. There are some closed door love scenes and some hot steamy, someone should lock the door love scenes. I felt it was the perfect blend to keep the story moving.

 Straight to the Swagger: I jumped in this book at book 7 and had no trouble enjoying and picking up the background on skinwalkers. I like the history of the people and plan on going back to read book one. If you like strong assertive females who melt for a good alpha then you should check it out.

On the Narrator: Erin Mallon was cool. She did the male/female well, no complaints. First time listing to her.

Megan’s Men, Tessie Bradford (Audio Review)

Megans MenMegan’s Men, Tessie Bradford

Megan has been through it. Everything that can happen to a respectable married woman in the past year has happened to her. Her husband left her for a 20 year old, taking their assets with them. She lost her job, which led to her current predicament of taking a management position in a research facility on a distant planet. Lucky for her not much has changed in airline travel, they still mess up just on a grander scale and she meets the guy who becomes part of the plural in Megan’s Men.

Megan is rescued by Garfor, Rork and Loban, on their world women are treasured and they recognize Megan as their mate. All they want is the time before she starts her new job to get to know each other. Megan is not sure she can deal with three dominant men or make them happy especially when she was unable to please one.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. I have been searching for a science fiction audio romance title (seem to be really hard to find). There was not much focus on the world; it was simply a back drop. More of a light quick read, so if you are looking for depth this is not that book. Each male does have their own distinct personalities of course they are all alpha but they are alpha on a scale of 1 to 10 and we get to experience their personalities through the activities they introduce Megan to. This was a novella length story, the audio only 2.5 hours.

Straight to the Swagger: Hey it is a scifi romance and there are three guys, I am just saying. It will get you through a commute for sure. Beware, if alphas drive you insane or moderate amounts of heroine self reflection….Move on, skip it.

Mountain Hero, Cheryl Yeko (Review, Audio)

Mountain Hero, Cheryl YekoMountain Hero, Cheryl Yeko

Michelle is heading to the mountains during a snow storm, not her best idea but she just wants some time alone in her own head after losing her best-friend and cheating fiance to each other. Unfortunately she never makes it to her oasis of serenity. She is rescued by off duty fireman Jason. He saves her from a horrible situation and they have to survive the harsh winter storm in the elements, the dire situation leads them to depend on each other and discover how much they might just mean to each other.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. The word count on this is 25,000 and I think I would have enjoyed this story more in print. For such a short read there was a lot of action. But the narrator was dying, I think ( no shade, lol). The story was cute and you do have to suspend belief a little and I am never one to quibble over that. I am reading fiction but if a couple falling in love, the hero going alpha while gazing at the heroine longingly in his alpha cave than ravishing her.  Followed by bursting into her home to protect her because he knows she is his bothers you than this is not the one for you my friends.

Straight to the Swagger: The narrator, mmmhh not so much but I checked the price. Even though my copy was free (stop it, stop it) they are charging according to the product. Sooooo I am not mad,  but the print copy is .99.  If you are like me sometimes you just need that short audio book at a decent price though.

His Forbidden Touch (Stolen Brides, 2), Shelly Thacker (Audio Title Review)

hisHis Forbidden Touch (Stolen Brides, 2), Shelly Thacker (Audio Title Review)

Narrated by Julia Motyka

12 hours 31 min

Princess Ciara is the answer to peace. She is being sent to marry Prince Daemon by her father the King of Chalon.  While the Royal wedding party is underway she and her escort consisting of herself and ex Knight Royce Saint Michel. They must travel through the dangerous mountains and war torn Chalon in hopes of avoiding the rebels, who do not wish for the peace the marriage would bring. Along the journey anything can happen, including a princess finding out there is more to a knight than pretty words and the things she has read about in books and a knight discovering there is more to a princess than pretty clothing. The two discover there is more than what they think they know about the idea of each other.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. It started out a little slow and it might have been the contrast between the book opening with a battle then the plot picking back up again with the hero and heroine starting their journey. Once it picked up again I enjoyed it, there were misunderstands, horse chases, bow and arrows, castle climbing, wicked brothers and even a merry band of men. The heroine was a little naive but it was understandable. Ciara grew up a princess in a war torn country needless to say she did not get out much. Once Royce got passed that fact he started to see her for who she was and how much she actually cared about people. I did like how he did not go all in for her at first even though it was lust at first sight (he is a man, and she is all shiny and virginal, this is a medieval romance). Royce was a likable hero and I am happy he got his princess. Oh and this is not a steamy romance, this is a sweet romance, there is some xxx (lowercase for a reason but most of it is implied so it is safer for those of you who do not like the capital XXX)

Straight to the Swagger: The narrator is going to get on your nerves a bit, she is very proper, but it does fit this type of read and if you want to play a drinking game take a drink of wine every time she says Chalon, you will be three sheets to the wind, lol. Cute read, just get past chapter seven and you will be happy you did.

The Accent, its the accent. Audio books keeping me sane (Bookswagger Stop)

My New Year’s Resolution is to continue working on my ever growing commuting issues, you see it started like this. I used to love getting in my car cranking up my music and hitting the road…cut to seven years later and my commute is working my last frayed nerve (yes frayed) so I have been using audio books to help me get through the horror and help me be the good non bird throwing person I know I am.

My top three Audio Books for 2013 are re-reads, that does not sound right, but they are books I have read over and over in print and bought the audio version for in 2013. The highlanders…burr, I love the bur.

Saving, Grace1. Saving Grace, Julie Garwood (narrated by Rosalyn Landor)

The Bride, Julie2. The Bride, Julie Garwood (narrated by Rosalyn Landor)

An English Bride in Scotland3. An English Bride in Scotland, Lynsay Sands (narrated by Mary Jane Wells)

You have probably caught on to my theme, I could tell you what each one of these books are about but you can guess right, feisty heroine meets unruly Highlander changes his and his Clans life! I tell you HEA guaranteed.