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My Naughty Minette, Annabel Joseph

My Naughty MinetteMy Naughty Minette (Properly Spanked, 3), Annabel Joseph

Lady Minette knew at a young age her brothers bestfriend was the one for her. The Earl of Augustine however saw her as little Minette, his honorary baby sister. The thought of bedding her never crossed his mind until one night when everything changes and he goes from having a horrid fiance and wonderful mistress who understands his dark needs to engaged to the woman he considers his sister.

Minette is willing and desires to cater to all August needs but one dismal to many may be one too much.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. You ever read a book then fall into the series matrix…well I enjoy this author but bought book two of her historical romance spanked at a con even though I had never read her historical romances before. She writes on the spicy, might be to hot for you to handle side and it was a complete pleasant 360 to experience her historical spanked series. I enjoy spanking romances sometimes it is nice to delve into a read with an alpha hero and challenging heroine without all the hard work of modern playrooms, clubhouses and whips.

August and Minette had history and the history was a huge block. A block we came back to at almost every point in the story, which is what brought this one to a four for me, I was over it before them. Minette knew what she wanted and was not opposed to trying spanking or whatever bedroom mysteries her man needed because she trusted him. Which worked giving their background. This one was a little dark giving the hero and why he was so opposed to opening up and very protective of Minette she was part of the happy place in his life.

Straight to the Swagger: Minette balanced out the darkness in the hero she brought the light funny moments. Not as much spanking in this one as in the others as the hero was slow to let go of his inhibitions with his naughty Minette.


At Star’s End, Anna Hackett (Review, science fiction romance)

AtStarsEnd-medAt Star’s End, Anna Hackett

Dr. Eos Rai needs the Phoenix brothers to help her fulfill a promise to her mother and her lifelong dream of finding Star’s End. The planet said to be the home of the Terran Colony, earth inhabitants who fled during a nuclear fallout, taking with them priceless treasures including the Mona Lisa.

Dathan Phoenix will help the uptight, rule abiding Dr. Eos Rai with his brothers locate Star’s End and the Mona Lisa, the one artifact his father chased but could never attain. Along the way he plans to have a little fun and find out what makes the delectable, golden skinned, tatted Dr. Eos Rai tick.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. This is a study in opposites attract and if you dig a little deeper you may find you have more in common than not. The story just kept moving, I loved the pace. There was always something to look forward to or another reason to turn the page. Eos an only child, fond of rules and regulations falls for a pirate. She falls for Dathan, on the surface an irresponsible younger brother without a care in the world. When you dig deeper you find he is a guy who cares about people and has had to shoulder responsibility at a tender age. He just has the gift of sniffing out treasure. Both Eos and Dathan have guarded hearts due to their backgrounds but found they enjoyed and cared about each other. You tend to discover that quickly when fighting for your life, running from slavers; fighting gooey monsters and a hot pirate thief who may or may not be lusting after your brother (Dathan has hot brothers, sensing a series).

Straight to the Swagger: Science fiction romance and treasure hunting, so basically we get an Indiana Jones-Han Solo mash-up with a hot smart chick as the heroine.

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Wolf ‘s Strength, Ambrielle Kirk (Caedmon, 5) (Review)

wolfWolf’s Strength, Ambrielle Kirk

Mates since before they were on rival packs, Naomi Valentine and Blake Deluca knew there would come a time they would have to choose. They would have to choose their packs or each other. Times are changing and there is an enemy, one who wants to see all wolves destroyed.

Naomi has to decide to leave behind her life as an Elite Enforcer for her traditional Arnou Pack, if she wants to be with her Caedmon mate Blake. The first time she couldn’t do it; this time might be the last time.

Blake is tired of sneaking meetings with his mate, he has never marked her for it could cause her harm but she has always been his. He has reached the point where a decision must be made. He is a Councilman for his pack, a good pack. He will not allow anyone to harm Naomi, not this new deadly force nor his own pack.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. The Caedmon pack has come a long way from book one. Their lives have changed and it is more than a story of a couple meeting, falling in love and obtaining their required HEA. We now have plots unfolding from book to book. Characters dying that have helped previous stories unfold (and I have to say, alright now). We are firmly in series territory no backing out now. This book could definitely be read as standalone but the alpha, his second and those who have gone beforeeeeee (pretend to hear an echo) help move the story forward. I liked Naomi, she was a tough chick, made some tough choices which led to her not being able to be with her mate. I like the fact the author did not let it be a simple issue of her just being a fraidy cat. Blake was definitely man enough, no shifter enough to respect her choices, catch her when she needed it and knew she was a grown a$@ woman.

Straight to the Swagger: The end gets a little muddy, but it’s all non-stop action. Naomi is no one’s punk and Blake is the man to handle all that shifter.

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Secrets of a Bollywood Marriage, Susanna Carr (Review)

SecretSecrets of a Bollywood Marriage, Susanna Carr

Tina Sharma returns to her husband midst a glamorous Bollywood party in their shared home to ask for a divorce.

Dev Arjun loves his wife although she has been missing for two months (ya, but he was partying like a rock star?). If she wants a divorce she will have it on his terms.

Tina is furious she has to play the part of a happy couple to please the Bollywood set but she will do what she must to secure her freedom. She just has to resist Dev and remember he married her for the baby they lost, not for love and the passion is not real.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. The author really transported me to another place, she was descriptive with an attention to sights, sounds and foods. Secrets of a Bollywood Marriage is a good one to read if you have an interest in travel romances and multicultural reads. It also brought back memories, I could not help recalling why I used to enjoy Harlequins. The romance, over the top fights and crazy supporting characters (this one had the mother, you know the one…hint, hint stage mom/manager). I really enjoyed this one. There were some issues with transitions but not enough to drive me crazy, now you I can’t vouch for.

Straight to the Swagger: Loved the Bollywood spin. A tale of people from the same culture, one from the haves and the other the have nots.

His Forbidden Touch (Stolen Brides, 2), Shelly Thacker (Audio Title Review)

hisHis Forbidden Touch (Stolen Brides, 2), Shelly Thacker (Audio Title Review)

Narrated by Julia Motyka

12 hours 31 min

Princess Ciara is the answer to peace. She is being sent to marry Prince Daemon by her father the King of Chalon.  While the Royal wedding party is underway she and her escort consisting of herself and ex Knight Royce Saint Michel. They must travel through the dangerous mountains and war torn Chalon in hopes of avoiding the rebels, who do not wish for the peace the marriage would bring. Along the journey anything can happen, including a princess finding out there is more to a knight than pretty words and the things she has read about in books and a knight discovering there is more to a princess than pretty clothing. The two discover there is more than what they think they know about the idea of each other.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. It started out a little slow and it might have been the contrast between the book opening with a battle then the plot picking back up again with the hero and heroine starting their journey. Once it picked up again I enjoyed it, there were misunderstands, horse chases, bow and arrows, castle climbing, wicked brothers and even a merry band of men. The heroine was a little naive but it was understandable. Ciara grew up a princess in a war torn country needless to say she did not get out much. Once Royce got passed that fact he started to see her for who she was and how much she actually cared about people. I did like how he did not go all in for her at first even though it was lust at first sight (he is a man, and she is all shiny and virginal, this is a medieval romance). Royce was a likable hero and I am happy he got his princess. Oh and this is not a steamy romance, this is a sweet romance, there is some xxx (lowercase for a reason but most of it is implied so it is safer for those of you who do not like the capital XXX)

Straight to the Swagger: The narrator is going to get on your nerves a bit, she is very proper, but it does fit this type of read and if you want to play a drinking game take a drink of wine every time she says Chalon, you will be three sheets to the wind, lol. Cute read, just get past chapter seven and you will be happy you did.