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Reasonable Doubts, Cara Bristol (Domestic Discipline Review)

Reasonable Doubts, Cara Bristol

Liz Davenport has finally felt the pull towards a man after losing her husband. She thrived in their domestic discipline relationship and expected to find it again. Instead she meets Grant Davis, an ex-Naval JAG officer. The newest attorney at the firm that felt she was too shameful to employ and nothing like her older firmly entrenched in the lifestyle late husband.

Grant knows Liz is holding back, he thought everything was perfect they enjoy each others company but after he talks her into giving him another chance she admits to her needs. He has to get over his feelings of hitting a girl is wrong. He likes fulfilling all her needs and he is learning he is fulfilling needs he never knew he had.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. This was a good one. Liz is that girl/woman who knew her life, it was great and then she had to start over because he is gone. I have to admit it was a little sad, because I have read the other books in the series and of course her husband had been a side character but it was not cry worthy just oh, okay worthy. But the fact that Liz is older and the know it all already as far as domestic discipline makes for a story being told from an interesting perspective. The hero Grant Davis has never been in the life so that is where the conflict comes in relationship wise after Liz gives up the goods and tells him what she is into.

I mean could you imagine, you meet this hot guy, great job, he is into you and everything is going great then you have to put the brakes on…Because you need more out of our relationship. So you either going to tell him what you need and help him learn which is what Liz did. I thought it was cool. Usually the guy is the know all wise alpha one.

Straight to the Swagger: Domestic discipline with a twist, have to give kudos to the author on this the man was still all man and he learned how to apply the discipline. I have read every book in this series and usually the domestic discipline books tend to be clean but I like how Bristol keeps to the heart of the genre while bringing some spice.


Long Shot, Cara Bristol (Spanking Review)

Long-Shot-FinalLong Shot (Corbin Bend), Cara Bristol

Abby Delaney has been with only one man and after divorcing him she moved to Corbin Bend unbeknownst to her an old-fashioned community to work in her aunt’s antique store.

The community is home to Harris Montgomery, he is charming and an upstanding local business man, everything Abby’s ex is not. Harris loves the values the community stands for and the submissive side they bring out in Abby.

Abby has always had to be the responsible one in the relationship and finds herself enjoying being able to lean on Harris consequences and all. But when her ex brings follows and brings more trouble will, her new relationship and lifestyle stand the test.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. It is hard when you measure an author against her own five crown review constantly this was a quick cute read and I enjoyed it, a tame way to introduce someone to spanking romances without freaking them out. Abby knows how to take care of herself and others, I mean she basically raised a grown man, got married young and had to drag the douche along her entire marriage. Harris presents an entirely different point of view and I enjoyed seeing her dealing with that change.

Straight to the Swagger: This is a nice quick read, you can get lost in the plot with true black moments and spankings. We all like spankings right or I would not be having to deal with that darn fifty shades of grey movie coming out.

Breeder, Cara Bristol (Scifi/Domestic Discipline Spotlight)

CB_Breeder_coverinBreeder, Cara Bristol (spotlight)

So far I have loved every book I have read by this author, she gets those five crowns from me so I have been looking forward to this book. Some of you may be familiar with her Rod and Cane Society series (my review of one of her Rod and Cane titles Body Politics (Rod and Cane Society), Cara Bristol) . One of my favorite spanking series and since I also love sci-fi romance it was a no brainer for me to be interested in this one!

Book Description (provided) To secure his legacy, Commander Dak, a ruling Alpha of planet Parseon, purchases Omra, a breeder slave. He intends to impregnate her, produce a son, and hand her off to his anointed beta partner. As Dak and Omra discover a sexual bliss banned by law, he begins to question the traditions and ways of his people, causing him to jeopardize his command and endanger the life of the woman he has come to love.

Warning: Breeder contains M/F and M/M sexual practices and domestic discipline.

Excerpt (I picked the one that showed how feisty she is!):

If not for the sneeze, Dak would have exited the musty, dank corridor. But the muffled sound caught his attention. When he squinted into the darkened cell, he spotted a female crouched on a straw mat in the corner. He hadn’t noticed her on his way into the Breeder Containment Facility; the habitation unit had appeared empty.

Dak turned to the BCF director and sighed. “What about her?”

The beta’s already crooked mouth drooped farther in distaste. “My apologies, Commander. You don’t want that one.”

Sival’s disparagement piqued Dak’s interest. The director’s opinion had proven worthless; none of the breeders he’d preselected for inspection had rated close to satisfactory.

“I would like to see her,” Dak insisted.

“Very well, Commander.” Sival saluted and opened the habitation cell with a master entry card. Dak stepped into the small enclosure. The director followed, and the metal gate clanked shut.

The naked female drew into a tighter ball and tucked her face deeper into the crook of her arm. Other breeders had preened as soon as they’d noticed him and his chest-insignia identification. He wasn’t just an alpha. He was the Alpha.

This breeder’s lack of respect and failure to adhere to Protocol by acknowledging his presence struck him as odd. Dak frowned. “Is she mentally deficient?”

Sival tightened his lips. “No, stubborn, ill behaved. She would not befit an Alpha Commander.” He nudged the female’s hip with the toe of his boot. “Rise to your feet.” She did not respond, and he moved to prod her again. Dak forestalled him with a wave and grasped the female’s arm.

“You will stand.” He hauled her upright. She averted her face, so he grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. Tangled hair the color of black heating stones fell back from an oval face to reveal eyes like the Parseon moon. The glimmer of intelligence that sparked within the violet depths aroused his interest more than anything else he’d seen so far. Nature had bestowed the Parseon people with an exceptionally strong immune system so that they rarely required medical intervention, but breeders by nature were weak, and so many of the ones he’d seen had seemed dull or ill or both. This one’s skin, when unsmudged by grime and dirt, probably glowed like the pale sands of the Ospian Sea. He supposed, as breeders went, she wasn’t unattractive, although the stench emanating from her was. His beta would throw a fit if he dragged such a creature into their domicile.

“Why is she so filthy?” he asked.

“She refuses to bathe.”

As Dak scrutinized her facial features for shape and symmetry, he noted little imperfection or dysgenics other than her lack of hygiene and her gender. When cleaned up, she would please the eye, but to bear his sons, it mattered more that she be healthy and strong.

He released her face, stepped back, and assessed her from head to toe. He exceeded the height of most males, alphas included, while she stood smaller than the average female. The top of her head failed to even meet his shoulder. She was thinner than other breeders too, although her chest bore an abundance of fatty breast tissue. In the chill of the cell, her nipples had puckered to hard points. Despite the coolness, he was experiencing a rise in temperature. A dormant lust chose that moment to kindle, causing heat to coil in his abdomen and groin. He could not remember the last time he’d experienced such a spontaneous reaction—if he ever had. With the pads of his fingers, he probed the sides of her neck for swollen areas. The way she trembled under his touch aroused a sliver of sympathy. Breeders lacked courage, and uncertainty frightened them. Not all alphas and their betas treated breeders well. If he chose her, she would be adequately fed and housed. His command consumed his time and energy, which left his beta alone for long stretches. A breeder would relieve Corren of household chores and provide him with a physical outlet as well.

“What is she called?” Dak asked.

“Her sire named her Omra.”

Peace, it meant.

He parted Omra’s lips with his fingers and slipped a digit into her mouth, running it along her upper gum line to check the solidness of her teeth. At a flash in her eyes, he jerked his hand away a centisecond before she snapped her jaws together, so that her incisor only grazed the tip of his finger.

Sival’s face reddened. “Commander, I apologize. I will have her flogged.”

“Unnecessary. I will take care of it.” He unclipped the sudon from his belt.

Available: Loose-ID Amazon 

Possessing Sasha, Shelly Douglas (Review)

detail_2511_Possessing_Sasha_DetailPossessing Sasha, Shelly Douglas

Sasha a widow and employee of upscale boutique Ciao Bella, meets ex-Marine Tony Colucci, one of her favorite customers. Tony is a spanker, he was raised in a domestic discipline household and expects it in his relationship with Sasha.

Sasha at fifty is not sure she can learn any new tricks but loved the way Tony’s spanking made her feel. After years of a lackluster marriage where it was all about her husband, she is enjoying her freedom and her smart mouth has free reign.

Tony has made Sasha his first priority and has no problem with providing discipline.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. This was a nice read, I liked the fact the heroine was in her fifties, Sasha’s age drew me to this title. One of the things that turned me off is some of the things she did. I am not fifty yet but my mother is close and I cringed at some of her behavior. Not that it was over the top bad, just some of the behavior I see in a lot of D/s reads with younger heroines. I was expecting a glimpse of maturity, with some behavior that would still earn a Grown A$% woman a spanking in this type of relationship. Hence the lower score, but all in all not mad I bought it, it was interesting and the hero drew me in, as well as his family. I would enjoy reading more titles based on the Colucci family.

Straight to the Swagger: The heroine still does those things that make you say, why. The hero spanks and is a guy, so he makes mistakes. One thing I really liked was the fact Tony was not perfect and was willing to admit his mistakes.

Side Note: At the last conference I attended, one of the main topics of discussion was the lack of older heroines. Readers felt they had grown up reading romance but the heroines had not grown up with them. I sat next to one lady, we shall refer to her as the lady in the hat. She said “just wait, just wait, I am writing a bdsm romance, and the heroine is in her 70s” The woman who made this statement could have been in her 60s or 70s but I refuse to speculate on a woman’s age! Lol. But curiosity might pull me in on that one.