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Consume Me (Ravage MC, 3), Ryan Michele (Motorcycle Club Review)

Consume MEConsume Me (Ravage MC, 3), Ryan Michele

Blaze new name fits, she is much better than the person she used to be. She does not date, although probably not what you would expect from a stripper in a MC controlled exotic dance club. Blaze just know with men comes trouble and sometimes, the I don’t date rule is better than any relief a man could potentially provide.

Tug a prospect in the Ravage Motorcycle Club, knows what he wants and it is Blaze. He wants more than the casual hook up, or quick toss he can easily obtain from the club W (woooo, you thought I was going to say it). He finds in Blaze someone he wants to get to know, despite the secrets he is sure she has.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I love this series, this is book three and it follows the expectations I have regarding Ryan Michele’s heroine. No matter their background or the things they have been through in life or how soft they appear, they have a backbone of steel that proves the right man can make bend. Blaze is no different. She is used to being on her own and protecting herself. Watching her date Tug an alpha man who likes to take care of and be there for the women in his life was sweet. She has to get used to letting someone else watch her back and boy does the sparks fly!

Straight to the Swagger: Heroine who I never thought I would like has me on her team and a hero who values the good things in life, like the woman he knows is for him and is not afraid to do a few dirty deeds.

Ravage Me

Book one is the series currently on sale for .99 


Four Horse Men MC, Cynthia Rayne Series (Review)

Sweet PerditionFour Horse Men MC, Cynthia Rayne (Series Review)

The Four Horse Men, a series that takes place in a small town in Texas. This MC is bad. You know the usual, booze and boobs. They are different in most of the men went away for a brief period so the ole women were in charge for a while which means these men have a different outlook on life. This came through in book 1, Sweet Perdition.

I loved, loved Sweet Perdition, the hero was bad enough to keep it popping but man enough to realize he was into the hot Librarian ( I refuse to say sweet) Elizabeth. Classic case of opposites attracts. She was way more than he expected, they both had a few stereotypes they applied to each other going in and they ended up surprising each other. For .99 cents I would def give this read a go, it has some grit but not really dark and angsty which I liked.

Now cut to book two… it is getting darker. So I see this series getting darker, which I am not sure I like but to be frank I think most readers enjoy darker MC reads so I am not mad at the author, just sad for me (frownie face). Book 2 starts with the hot Cowboy a former rodeo star who we meet in book 1.

Hot as HadesHe meets stripper/bar hop Daisy while in a rival club doing work for his MC… Mmmm intriguing right? Well Daisy is there looking for her little sister. I enjoyed reading  Daisy she is an ex-Marine. Again another case of opposites attract. This story lagged a little in spots but had way more suspense (hence the darkness begins). We are introduced to book threes hero and heroine as well, I assuming it will be Daisy’s sister who is a submissive with the dark dominant MC brother (so ya I will be reading book three).

Straight to the Swagger: So if you think this sounds interesting and you like a good MC read that pulls you in and slides into darkness this might be the series for you!

Overall series rating

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger.


To read yourself Amazon .99 cents and 2.99: