Hell On Wheels (Black Nights Inc.) Julie Ann Walker (Review)

Hell On Wheels (Black Nights Inc.)  Julie Ann Walker

Ali is a fresh faced innocent kindergarten teacher whose life has been upside down. Ever since the death of her brother Grigg, Ali has had the feeling of being watched. After a series of incidents lead her to a state of paranoia she turns to the one person she can trust to help her Ex–Marine Nate “Ghost” Weller, her brother’s best friend and confidant.  Just what had her brother gotten her into? Nate harbors a secret of his own, that could destroy any relationship they establish.  Hopefully they can come together to get to the bottom of the mystery before they both become victims.

Bookswagger Marcia:Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. Ali and Nate already have a shared history of lust. Nate was Ali’s teenage crush and she is still desperately hot for him years later. Nate is the person who did her brothers notification and when she had to get away Nate was the person she leaned on. Cut to a few months later someone is seriously trying to spook her, she runs to the only person she can Nate. The tension between these two characters were great, Ali balanced Nate hardness. Don’t get me wrong Ali,  might have vomited after the going got tough but in the thick of it she fought to carry a gun to protect herself and wouldn’t let anyone leave her behind. I think Ali was the perfect representation of how a normal everyday woman might have handled themselves if in this situation which made for a great read. Hell On Wheels was sad, sweet and packed with action.


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  1. I liked both of your slightly different points of view toward Ali. The romance sounds good. I like unrequited love stories with second chances.


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