Prime Obession, Monette Michaels (SCIFI Romance Review)

Prime ObsessionPrime Obession, (The Prime Chronicles Book 1) Monette Michaels

The Prime has joined the Alliance to assist in battling a common enemy a reptilian warlike species they have been battling for ages. The Alliance will also allow them to survive as a race. They cannot continue to battle alone, losing comrades while not being able to mate or procreate to replenish their race.

Captain Wulf Caradoc is the eldest son and heir to current Prime leader but he takes pride in the title Captain one he has earned. He did not expect to meet his mate in seasoned Captain Melina Dmitros.

Melina Dmitros mark has come alive, she is the first ever non Prime born, Prime mate and what. Is she supposed to sacrifice her career and everything she has worked for? All for the sake of some arrogant man, who may make her body come alive.

Bookswagger Marcia: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read.This is a reread for me. The heroine is a tough cookie who has earned her way to captain despite being from a weaker species, human. No sleeping her way to the top. She meets the arrogant Wulf, yes I know it is sounding like a cliché, weak little human falls for big strong, strapping alien but I promise you the journey is what makes this a great read. The hero is shocked he has a mate, one that is human at that, he does the stupid things males do when in denial which makes for happy reading cause Melina is not having that. The enemy is this creepy snake like species who you will love to hate. We get to see the Prime deal with them and the fact that they now have possible women to mate with when they have giving up hope. This is a pretty good series but book one is still tops for me.

Straight to the Swagger: Romance in space, on another world and human, alien relations with a heroine you can root for.

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