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My Naughty Minette, Annabel Joseph

My Naughty MinetteMy Naughty Minette (Properly Spanked, 3), Annabel Joseph

Lady Minette knew at a young age her brothers bestfriend was the one for her. The Earl of Augustine however saw her as little Minette, his honorary baby sister. The thought of bedding her never crossed his mind until one night when everything changes and he goes from having a horrid fiance and wonderful mistress who understands his dark needs to engaged to the woman he considers his sister.

Minette is willing and desires to cater to all August needs but one dismal to many may be one too much.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. You ever read a book then fall into the series matrix…well I enjoy this author but bought book two of her historical romance spanked at a con even though I had never read her historical romances before. She writes on the spicy, might be to hot for you to handle side and it was a complete pleasant 360 to experience her historical spanked series. I enjoy spanking romances sometimes it is nice to delve into a read with an alpha hero and challenging heroine without all the hard work of modern playrooms, clubhouses and whips.

August and Minette had history and the history was a huge block. A block we came back to at almost every point in the story, which is what brought this one to a four for me, I was over it before them. Minette knew what she wanted and was not opposed to trying spanking or whatever bedroom mysteries her man needed because she trusted him. Which worked giving their background. This one was a little dark giving the hero and why he was so opposed to opening up and very protective of Minette she was part of the happy place in his life.

Straight to the Swagger: Minette balanced out the darkness in the hero she brought the light funny moments. Not as much spanking in this one as in the others as the hero was slow to let go of his inhibitions with his naughty Minette.


Given, Lisa G. Riley and Roslyn Hardy Holcomb (Multicultural Historical Romance Review)

GivenGiven (Eshu Chronicles Book 1), Lisa G. Riley, Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

Mary Katherine Day does not desire to ever enter into the contract of marriage. She has everything she could ever want, her own home, business and friends. She does not see the need to marry a certain tall, bald man even though he makes her feel things no proper single, virginal woman should.

Jacob Adams is Eshu, he can shift into any creature at will, often choosing the bear. He knows what he wants and he wants one Miss Katherine Day. Which is why he proposed to her the first day he met her and why he kept proposing.

These two strangers cannot escape each other and their attraction, while working together on the dangerous Underground Railroad.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Cute short read. The hero Jacob certainly knows what he wants although it takes a little bit of wooing to get Mary Katherine on board. The opening scene is the best scene of the book, so I will not spoil it for you but it did make me look at the bible in a new light. Just saying. This is not a typical meet and mated, since Mary Katherine did try to protest but in those days when he makes you feel all tingly under the skirts you are kind of as good as married no matter how I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t you think you are. We are introduced to the rest of the Adams who will have following books in the series and Jacobs little sister is a character!

This story did go by a little fast, I loved the backstory and the history the author created, man if this was full length OMG. I think the shortness may have contributed to some of the issues like the heroine saving herself, stuff like that and quick wrap ups to black moments.

Straight to the Swagger: Quick cute historical romance read no skimp on the backstory.

The Highlander’s Bride Trouble, Mary Wine (Review/Historical Romance)

thehighlandersbridetrouble-270x427The Highlander’s Bride Trouble, Mary Wine

Nareen Grant is hiding out, or not exactly hiding more like choosing the role of ladies maid rather than role of wife. Her brother Kael sent her to her cousins underground brothel (unbeknownst to him) and she still has some baggage. She escaped the fate of having her maidenhead sold but the Highlander Saer MacLeod still wants to court her even with her past.

Saer the savage Highlander now Laird, cannot get Nareen Grant out of his mind. He knows what it is like to have a savage past and he admires her strength. When most fear him she has spirit. He plans to court her, she is the family he wants.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. I was sad. I have to admit this one was okay, not a reread for me and I do tend to reread Mary Wines older historical romances but this will not be one of those. Not that I did not like any of the characters it was just a little boring and I did not understand why. I am not sure if it was because most of the conflict was internal, although Nareen was kidnapped by another honorable Scot for like a blink. If you love historicals and like to keep up with the series give it a go. I have only read book one in the series so you can definitely jump in or jump around.

Straight to the Swagger: Had all the historical romance elements but did not love it, you might want to save your duckies. Okay read.

Mail Order Mayhem (Brides of Beckham Book 1), Kirsten Osbourne (Review)

mailordermayhemstandard-682x1024Mail Order Mayhem, Kirsten Osbourne

Maude is desperate, she has to marry her father’s boss at the bank, he is repulsive and a bully. He asks for her hand, but she does not have the right to say no! She decides to take her chance and become a mail order bride, taking her chance on the first letter that catches her eye.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I have always been a fan of those sweet romances. They are where most of us long time romance readers started. For me this was American girl, Sarah Plain and Tall all grown up and I fell in love with the author when she had the heroes history include life as a box car kid, I hugged my kindle…ahhh the memories. There are no sweeping clothes ripping love songs, the hero is a V as well as the heroine so, some awkward grappling and the elusive feeling escapes but this was a good read. It was free on Amazon and I went and bought book two. It was nice getting back to my roots of an innocent time, before I started reading all my juicy smut.

Straight to the Swagger: There is a black moment it is resolved super quick, this is not that kind of book, it is about the awkwardness of meeting someone and having to make it work cause boy meets girl and you really like them.

Alert: Free on Amazon

Multicultural Romance in the 1940’s Guest Post Kenya Carlton

Today on Bookswagger we have a guest post by Kenya Carlton a multicultural and interracial romance author. She is talking 1940’s movies and inspiration.

Kenya Carlton, Author Guest Post

sweet as sin books 1Games Devils Play is an interlude between Sweet as Sin and my third novel in the series, Sinfully Ever After. The main characters are Sienna Devilin, a black witch, and her scientifically altered white husband, Captain Drake Devilin. This story takes place from 1933-1945, a time when this type of relationship was unheard of, but not impossible. There’s been a wave of interracial books released in this time period, so what’s the draw? My take is liberation.

Liberation from slavery was a good 80 years in the past, and blacks worked side by side with whites during the war. Sure segregation still existed, but the veil was lifted. Without a steady stream of propaganda, people could make up their own minds about who they could or couldn’t love.

However, the number one reason I believe this era is chosen for the backdrop of these taboo relationships is simple. Through the test of time, this era was simply sexy. The biggest issue—besides the wars—was prohibition, which was forbidden fruit in those days. In other words, anything forbidden needed to be found, conquered, and taken a big bite out of.

There are a few old movies that represent the romance of interracial relationships.  Island in the Sun is one of them. However, Hollywood would rather portray the aftermath of those doomed relationships … Imitation of Life anyone? I believe authors tackle this era to show historical readers that interracial couples have staying power.

In Sweet as Sin, race is brought up between Drake and Sienna, but it’s not the main focus. In Games Devils Play, other characters refer to Drake and Sienna’s relationship, but to them it’s no longer an issue. The big romance in my paranormal series is the evolution of these two magical people.


17995126Devils Play (Sweet as Sin, 2), Kenya Carlton

Snuggled within the warm embrace of marital bliss, biologically altered army Captain Drake Devilin and his supernatural bride Sienna face their biggest challenge to date. Called back for duty in World War II, Drake must leave his amazing life behind and join his troop to fight the Nazis.  Although he’s certain his new mission is merely a rouse to obtain his most precious commodity, his wife, Drake leaves, but not before giving Sienna a magical necklace in the hope it will protect her against unknown enemies.

Lured from her prosperous island by a sorcerer who is convinced she was always meant to be his bride. Sienna is challenged to play three magical games to ensure her husband’s safe return. In each game, a limited time is given to Sienna to immerse herself into a new world, situation, and persona; find Drake; and have him acknowledge her by name. And she can’t use her powers to make it happen.

Everything dear to Sienna’s heart is put in jeopardy. Willing to fight for the love of her life and her happiness, Sienna takes on the sorcerer in his own game of cat and mouse.

His Forbidden Touch (Stolen Brides, 2), Shelly Thacker (Audio Title Review)

hisHis Forbidden Touch (Stolen Brides, 2), Shelly Thacker (Audio Title Review)

Narrated by Julia Motyka

12 hours 31 min

Princess Ciara is the answer to peace. She is being sent to marry Prince Daemon by her father the King of Chalon.  While the Royal wedding party is underway she and her escort consisting of herself and ex Knight Royce Saint Michel. They must travel through the dangerous mountains and war torn Chalon in hopes of avoiding the rebels, who do not wish for the peace the marriage would bring. Along the journey anything can happen, including a princess finding out there is more to a knight than pretty words and the things she has read about in books and a knight discovering there is more to a princess than pretty clothing. The two discover there is more than what they think they know about the idea of each other.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. It started out a little slow and it might have been the contrast between the book opening with a battle then the plot picking back up again with the hero and heroine starting their journey. Once it picked up again I enjoyed it, there were misunderstands, horse chases, bow and arrows, castle climbing, wicked brothers and even a merry band of men. The heroine was a little naive but it was understandable. Ciara grew up a princess in a war torn country needless to say she did not get out much. Once Royce got passed that fact he started to see her for who she was and how much she actually cared about people. I did like how he did not go all in for her at first even though it was lust at first sight (he is a man, and she is all shiny and virginal, this is a medieval romance). Royce was a likable hero and I am happy he got his princess. Oh and this is not a steamy romance, this is a sweet romance, there is some xxx (lowercase for a reason but most of it is implied so it is safer for those of you who do not like the capital XXX)

Straight to the Swagger: The narrator is going to get on your nerves a bit, she is very proper, but it does fit this type of read and if you want to play a drinking game take a drink of wine every time she says Chalon, you will be three sheets to the wind, lol. Cute read, just get past chapter seven and you will be happy you did.